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Feng Shui Los Angeles, California Nicolette VajtayWelcome to Inspired Living Feng Shui, I am Nicolette Vajtay, Los Angeles, California Feng Shui Expert specializing in practical solutions designed for every lifestyle. When I’m not in L.A. I can be found jet-setting to Denver, Colorado where I consult quarterly to my Rocky Mountain Clientele.

As a Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, I have been offering National and International clients onsite and on-Skype Feng Shui Sessions, Space Clearing, Blessing Ceremony and I-Ching readings since 2004.

Incorporating the philosophy and principles of Feng Shui, I integrate 30+ years of self-empowerment and spirituality studies in helping create harmonious, peaceful and joy-filled environments.

I have been referred to as the Practical Feng Shui Lady, I teach and work in a way that makes this esoteric art form FUN, tangible and easily accessible, while integrating seamlessly into any lifestyle.

My clients range from CEOs, Executive Producers, Pastors, Actors, Moms, Dads, Solopreneurs working off their dining room tables (until I get there). Whatever your vocation, whatever your passion, I have an Inspired Living Feng Shui solution to help you attain your goals in a way that is meaningful and joyful to you!

How may I help you integrate the power and support of Feng Shui into your lifestyle?

BTB Feng Shui, Property Assessment, Space Clearing, Blessings & Ceremony, Color Consult, Furniture and Art Placement, I-Ching Readings


Inspired Living Feng Shui Services

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One Day Transformation

Designed for those who want a hands-on approach! I will help you implement practical Feng Shui solutions to help manifest your goals. This full day, 7 hour Consultation includes any and off all my services that will help create a dynamic, healthy home.  BTB Feng Shui, Property Assessment, Space Clearing, Blessings & Ceremony, Color Consult, Furniture and Art Placement, I-Ching Readings

Nicolette Vajtay Professional Orangizer


This package is perfect for those who love to DIY. Onsite, or virtually via phone or Skype, our session will be you and me for 2 hours. We’ll zone into the heart of the matter while applying any one of my services best suited to get the job done. I’ll provide practical cures and adjustments that may be implemented right away, or when your time and budget allows that will help create a dynamic, healthy home.



The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth is an ancient oracle from China that offers wisdom and guidance.  When you request an I-Ching Reading you spend time with true ancient divination.  Ask a questions about life, relationship, wealth, health, or what is the energy around a certain project or business opportunity, and gain clarity about the next step, or even just the next moment.

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Ceremonies &

Ceremonies and sacred rituals are used to dissipate negative, stagnant or inauspicious energy around your home and property.  Once the negative energy has been cleared, blessings fill the space up with new intentions and auspicious chi.  Ceremonies and blessings are great when you have been feeling stagnant or ill, after a challenging life event, or prior to a happy occasion, and more.


I’m only a phone call away! 303.396.9211


Our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers

My experience with Nicolette was nothing short of amazing. She has a gift for seeking out the best possible living situation for a person and their home. I love her enthusiastic and infectious positive energy as she knowingly, yet gently, relayed her wealth of information. I also have to say that in the past three days since, our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers! We haven’t even done all the work in our patio/wealth area yet either! Nicolette is a gift to anyone looking for a positive transformation in your home or office! ~ Laurel, Denver


How may I help you?  303.396.9211

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