Denver/Boulder … and all around the world!

After EIGHTEEN years I’m closing my doors!
It’s been an amazing ride!

Yes, I’m closing my pretty red Feng Shui door – which is a challenging and sad decision for me, but I’m also super excited about what’s to come.  I’m opening windows and doors to new experiences and new adventures. I can’t wait to see what I create next!

How serendipitous to be ending one journey and starting a new one on the powerful year of 18 – a Feng Shui number of transformation!

Thank you…

… for inviting me into your homes and hearts, and into the most sacred and scary parts of life.  What an honor it has been to guide you to deeper clarity and purpose, to new intentions and inspirations, to your better life, and happier home!

If you have one last burning question, feel free to reach out.  Now or later.  I will consider newly referred clients and coaching my long-term clientele – all dependent on time and what new adventures I will be journeying.  For now, make a note of my personal email address because my Feng Shui email address will also be going away in the near future:

*   *

If you feel inspired to keep in touch, please let me know and I’ll add you to my personal email list for future correspondence!

Feng Shui is in my Heart!

I will forever carry the ancient teachings of Feng Shui with me wherever I go. And all I learned from you as we worked together. Every session was not just for you, but for me as well where I learned so much about humanity and our personal energies. I will continue to live from this wisdom because it has uplifted me at a cellular level… I hope it has inspired you too.

For example, I recently took down my weather-worn house numbers yesterday and spray painted them with a fresh coat of paint.  I also have a hidden door (which calls for a good Feng Shui cure) so I bought a set of numbers from Home Depot and will hang them on the street side of the building in a conspicuous place.  If people can’t find my door (and I’ve seen many delivery people scratch their heads looking for my front door) then new opportunities can’t either.  My last tip for now!

My YouTube channel Inspired Living Feng Shui will stay up, so please take advantage of all the goodness there and continue to learn and grow.

Till our paths cross again on this wonderful journey, I wish you long healthy dynamic prosperous organized abundant happy loving joyful peaceful (and more) lives forever and ever!  Amen!  

With all my love!