Thrive in your Environment!

BambooHave you ever walked into a spa and felt like you were in heaven, and instantly exhaled the breath you didn’t know you were holding?  The peaceful music, the aroma of lavender, and the soft lighting all embrace you with the invitation to relax.

Or perhaps you have you walked into a room and felt like something was just “off” even if it was just the fluorescent lighting.  Do you work under florescent lights in an office and all of a sudden have migraines?

Everything is radiating out some kind of energy… so we are always being affected by our environment.  The principles of Feng Shui help us see where the energy is either blocked and stagnant, or flowing with ease!


My goal is to help you create the life you so desire!

With Feng Shui eyes, we look at the design details of the architecture and the placement of our things, to determine if the environment is healthy, alive and thriving, or not so much.   If we live in a space that is depleting our well-being, it may manifest as obstacles to our success, financial security, intimate relationships, dynamic health and so much more. Our goal is to create the best environment for you to thrive!


Welcome to Inspired Living Feng Shui

NicoletteV city girlAs a Feng Shui Practitioner in the Black-Sect Tantric Buddhist school of Feng Shui, my goal is to help you see clearly where are you today, raise your awarnes of your own inner blocks and help you release them.  Thus, together we’ll create a life that is filled with more health, wealth, happiness, love, clarity, purpose and anything else your heart desires.

With Private Feng Shui Consultations and Professional Organizing, we spend one-on-one, focused time supporting you in creating a space that serves your highest good.  Our Online Feng Shui Courses make Feng Shui available to anyone around the world.

We also offer empowering Feng Shui Workshops that maybe hosted as a part of your corporate wellness campaign, for your church gathering, spiritual center, yoga studio, Meet Up group, Real Estate firm, or with a group of friends ready to truly live and love! 

What brought you to my site?

If you’re feeling stuck, you don’t know what you want, you wish to move forward or even sideways, your business needs a boost, you want a change in life or you just want to feel more grounded right where you are, if you would love love, and a harmonious sense of abundance, if you would like to invite in a flood of juicy creativity …  I would be more than happy to help facilitate an opening of delicious new energy!

Take a look around and contact me when you are ready to dive in and create a thriving, supportive space that you love!