Keep Your Wealth in Your Home

My client Adriana just moved to Maryland, and is juggling a new home business, a two month old baby, a two year old, a husband, and her own fulfillment.  One thing she mentioned was, “when people come over, they don’t know where to sit.  I feel like they aren’t invited into the home.”  Which is a great metaphor for good “chi” also not being invited into the home!


Stairs Dining room







When I saw her pictures, my biggest concern was that you saw the kitchen and the dining room first, right as you entered the home.  These are two wealth leaks that could use some attention.   The great-room feel is wonderful, and those floors are gorgeous, but we need some definition both in the home, and in life.  We want to draw the eye into the home before we see the dining table and the kitchen, and invite chi to come in and stay for a while.  Let’s set some boundaries, so that friends, chi, wealth and opportunities stay in the home.


Now when you enter the home, or chi enters the home, it stops at the couch, has a seat, and stays around for awhile.  Simple changes have a huge impact!

LIving room after 1  LIving room after 2






“Nicolette, It was a pleasure working with you. You are so knowledgeable! I learned so much from you, thank you very much for all your advice. I already did some of the changes that you suggested.  My dining room table had a leaf, so I just reduced it’s size, turned it, and the space around it is wonderful!  The house feels better, I love it!  The spaces are more delineated!”
  ~ Adriana, Maryland