VIP Transformation


Denver, Colarado An Intro to Inspired Living with Feng Shui Workshop

The VIP Transformation is designed for those who want a hands-on approach implementing ancient wisdom and practical Feng Shui solutions to help manifest your dreams and goals!

This All Day Consultation (6 hours on site) includes my BTB Feng Shui Property & Home Analysis, Blessings & Ceremony, Clutter Clearing, Color Consultation, Inspired Furniture Placement, Hanging Art and more.

Starting your session with blessings or ceremony is IDEAL to clear away the old energy, the past heartaches, injuries, or illnesses, to make room for all of the delicious energy you will be adding during our time together. Cleaning the space before you place your furniture or state your new intentions is very important!

Six Hours of Ancient Wisdom

This six hour day includes my personal preparation of your Feng Shui Life Plan and a hands on approach with ceremony, blessings, addressing the Feng Shui of your home one room at at time, clearing, organizing, adding cures, adjusting furniture placement, hanging artwork and so much more. Dive in deep with me and watch how your life changes with so much grace!

Do you have some clutter and chaos to move through?  Add a second day for a two-day Uber Transformation at $1700