I LOVE my bathroom. Don’t you? How fortunate are we to have hot running water, radiant heated floors, lush towels and the ever useful toilet? Imagine pulling on boots in the middle of the night to trudge through snow or rain to a stinky outhouse. Even while respecting their amazing necessity in helping us rid our home of that which we no longer need, we don’t want to deplete our life energy and our resources with every flush.

Wherever your bathroom falls in your house, a few quick adjustments can help keep the good chi lifted.

  1. Keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free, of course. Clutter clogs energy and pulls down your personal chi. This includes your medicine cabinet and linen closet (yes, really it does).
  2. Add the wood element, trees grow upward, so this element will raise the energy, and soak up extra water.
  3. Wood may be represented by column shaped items, the color green, artwork that reflects the wood element.
  4. If you add green to a bathroom in the wealth corner, you also need just a touch of red, so the “tree” will produce the “fruit.”
  5. A bamboo on the back of the toilet lifts the energy from every flush. Bamboo is the fastest growing wood, and with the knots at each interval, its amazingly stable and strong.
  6. Or place a bowl with a lid, full of rice, on the back of the toilet. The rice will soak up and transform the waste into abundance.
  7. Perform the “sealing of the drains” ceremony in your bathroom (and all the rest of the drains in the home) – call me or another practitioner for this sacred ceremony.
  8. A bathroom in the center of the home can drain the energy from the entire home down. The center of the home is the Health gua and all other guas touch the center. The best cure for this is to paint this bathroom red… all walls of the bathroom need to be red. Some of you are gawking! I love red bathrooms, and they are so “in” right now. The color is auspicious and strong, enough to prevent the chi from the rest of the house being pulled down the drain.
  9. Before you paint your bathroom, write your intentions beneath the paint as an enhancement. Make your intentions gua specific, depending where your bathroom falls in your bagua. If you hold your breath while you write, and use new black ink or paint, the intention is enhanced even more.
  10. This is so basic, but keep that toilet seat down. Not just to keep your energy IN the home, but to keep the bacteria OUT. If you don’t believe me, “(A) study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, shows that the bacteria Clostridium difficile, which is known to cause diarrhea, is sprayed 25 centimeters, or nearly 10 inches, above the toilet seat when you flush without putting the lid down! So, there’s that. Share with the men and boys in your life.

A bathroom behind the stove, a bathroom over the kitchen, or over the front door are especially challenging placements. This may require a professional session with a practitioner to help you implement more esoteric Feng Shui cures to create true health and wellness for your family.

Live Big, Shine Bright!