Feng Shui Tips for Wealth & Prosperity

Presented by Feng Shui Practitioners Nicolette Vajtay and Mia Staysko

Do you want to create more abundance and prosperity in your thinking, and in your bank account without compromising your values? Abundance isn’t just about money… it’s how you think about money. Once you know what you believe about money, and can rid yourself of what society and the media tell you what you SHOULD have, then you can begin to truly prosper. Marry your new thinking with the practice of Feng Shui, and you have a magic plan to create a thriving life!

You’ll learn about the primary tool needed to start your own Feng Shui analysis of your home: The BaGua. You’ll learn how to stretch the BaGua over your floorplan, how to locate the Wealth corner in your home, the elements that help create more positive energy in your space, and about the other areas in your home that affect your ability to create wealth in your life.

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