The Feng Shui of Your Property

Did you know that as a Feng Shui practitioner, not only do we lay the Ba-Gua over the interior of your home, we also lay it over the whole property? Your yard, garage, shed, pool, garden, and driveway are all part of the Feng Shui of your property!

So yes, that does mean keeping your property healthy and vibrant is just as important as boosting the energy in your living room.

I have seen old cars and heaps of trash in the Wealth gua. What does that say about someone’s true prosperity? Pools in the relationship corner need to be cured as there is too much water in earth energy. Where is your grill; if it’s in the Wealth gua there may be too much fire there, burning up your prosperity! This house plan to the right reflects a single tree in the back yard which may reflect isolation!

There was a conversation on our International Feng Shui Guild Facebook page this week, about artificial grass, you know, that plastic stuff! We have no idea what will happen to that stuff in the long run. The vote was to try to avoid dumping plastic grass into a landfill. That’s irony for you!

To help keep the Feng Shui of your yard thriving, I want to introduce you to Drew Hojnacki with

Green Works Lawn & Leaf

Natural organic lawn care in Denver!

Drew’s background includes a BS in Horticulture, followed by a position with a global agricultural company as an agronomic specialist. (FYI agronomy is a branch of agriculture dealing with field-crop production and soil management. It is the development and practical application of plant and soil sciences to produce abundant, high-quality food, feed, and fiber crops. Yes, I looked it up).

Green Works Lawn & Leaf takes a sustainable approach to outdoor stewardship. They do as little as possible with machines and as much as possible by hand, which means, little to no gas and very little to no pollution or noise.

Drew may be a Feng Shui practitioner and not even know it. For the healthy and vibrant energy of your property give him a call and tell him I sent you!

Happy Spring!!