I love it when I come across “something good!”

I had the single most worst pain I have ever had in my wrists, elbows and arms, from repetitive motion, using a poorly set up computer. Thankfully I’m ergonomic now, AND I was fortunate to bump into Lynne at a country line dancing class. We literally bumped into each other, and now stand in the back of the room and help each other with the steps. It’s crazy fun!

100_3314Lynne is a professional Neuro-Muscular Massage therapist and has had a successful business since 1990. She spent a whole hour just on my arms and wrists, and infused my muscles with her 25 years of healing! I highly recommend Lynne for “that area” that could use some attention, or for you weekend warriors who wake up on Monday with some new aches and pains. Massages can help an array of ailments. I encourage anyone with a form of joint or muscle pain to visit the So Heavenly Massage website here.

Nerve Entrapment

Nerve Entrapment is a condition where the muscles squeeze the nerves so tight that it transfers the pain down the nerve pathways. This causes tingling, swelling, numbness and most of all pain. Massage therapy relaxes these muscles, releasing the grip on the nerves, allowing your blood to flow to nourish your cells, while toxins are being taken away by your blood stream through your lymph system and thus relieves your pain.

There are lots of causes for a trapped nerve, but one of the most common reasons people experience back pain is through spinal injury after an accident. If you have been involved in an accident, and think you might have a personal injury claim, then go to https://www.mrhsolicitors.co.uk/service/spinal-injury/ for more information.

Addressing your pain with massage therapy is the most effective way of interrupting the muscles grip on your nerves. This can happen all over your body. The most frequent culprits are work, repetitive motion, car accidents, sports injuries and daily stress. Regular massage treatments will maintain your body’s ability to stay on the right tract in order to ward off repetitive muscular contractions, in order to keep you free from pain, and allow you to move with your full range of motion.

I am happy to answer questions as you decide how to proceed with any healing process. You may email me here.