Look up. What do you see? Hopefully a flat ceiling. In Feng Shui, overhead beams may be beautiful, but energetically they just cause trouble. Guillotine trouble! Especially if you are working or sleeping under it for 8 hours a day.

A beam overhead in the marriage gua may cause relationship issues, and may split a marriage apart if the beam splits the master bed in half. A beam at the front door has been shown to contribute to illnesses like Parkinson’s and MS. The beam is like a knife’s edge, the pressure of which will affect the nervous system just as if someone were using a real knife on the top of your head.

Wow, who knew this post was going to be so gory. I should have waited to post it in October for Halloween.

bed with beam

This is Ian’s bed… a very sensitive four year old, perhaps a Crystal child. His parents say he is so wise and sensitive to everything from loud noises to the pain he feels when others cry. He was having nightmares three nights every week, which may be from the beam overhead, but also he had a slatted headboard. Energy leaks out the slats and so the child can feel more vulnerable when sleeping.

His new headboard is a fabulous fix. But what concerned me, was the shelf and beam over his head. It’s not easy to see the beam, its in the upper portion of the pic. It’s right over his head, the poor little guy. His dad built the shelf to intuitively protect his son from the energy of the beam. Go dad! The lights between the shelf and the beam are a GREAT Feng Shui cure to lift the energy of the beam off of Ian’s little head.

However, since Ian is such a sensitive child and having nightmares, I would so prefer that there was nothing above his head, so he can dream big and bring all of his intuitive gifts into the world. So I asked his parents to make a small change for a big result.

This new placement of his bed is much healthier and will help him feel safe, especially when his little body is most vulnerable. His mom wrote me days later, “Ian hasn’t had one nightmare since we changed out the slatted headboard for a solid one and moved his bed!”

IMG_7390In this second picture you can see the beam and how prevalent it’s energy is. Michelle writes:

As I was getting him ready for bed, I asked Ian once again if he liked the change (to his bed) and did it feel better. He said, “Yes, it feels better in my heart.”

It was interesting that Ian said he felt it in his heart, as he has been much more loving with Faith (his baby sister), and everyone else since then. He’s doing great!
Things are moving! Mike has been exercising more. We are shifting our diet to a healthier way of eating. We are also moving toward the more active lifestyle that we always wanted to share with the kids (more hiking & cycling). Even help has shown up when needed! As you said, our intention is setting it all in motion!”

Don’t forget to look up in your space and check for beams overhead to create excellent health and wellness!

Love & Giggles!