Silver Package

This one hour consultation (on site or on Zoom/Skype) is for an office space, a small apartment, and/or to learn about the main Feng Shui issues in your home. This one hour appointment can inspire you with great support to get the energy moving toward your best life. 

This package includes my ​pre-analysis of your floor plan and questionnaire, researching ​Feng ​Shui cures that meet your specific needs, and preparing your unique Feng Shui Life Plan.

Then we spend one hour together on-site or over Skype addressing your Feng Shui cures and adjustments in your home and on your property.

Should we desire to add a blessing or ceremony to this first hour, we may extend our time together in half-hour increments at $75 per half hour.

Longer packages are available including a full day or full weekend VIP Transformational Package