Shiny and Shadowy Sides of the Children Gua

According to Feng Shui, the season of fall is represented by the Children/Creativity gua, the area where we connect with our creativity, our personal expression and anything we birth into the world. If you think of fall as the harvest time, you can see how this can be a truly abundant and nourishing time of year.

The Children gua represents the West, where cowboys road off into the sunset after winning back their woman or cattle! It’s the setting sun, the transition from summer to winter, a place where we prepare ourselves for the yin energy of winter.

But before winter we have the harvest, gathering the crops and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Think of mining ore from the earth as a harvest, and the bounty those gem stones and metal create; metal is the element in the Children gua. So what are you birthing? What are you creating in your life and ready to call in your big win. Is it a book, a business or a brilliant piece of art? Augment the Children gua for greater creative expression and success.

Children are most especially a fabulous expression of joy, play and imagination; hence why creativity is the partnering energy in this gua. Children create, and express who they are freely, maybe even wildly! Wouldn’t it be fun to live and play in our busy world like children?!
Shiny and shadowy sides to all guas

On the positive side of the spectrum, this is the area of enjoying life, communicating your needs/desires, and a place to find the play in your life. It’s also the area of setting rules, as children and pets (and husbands) do really well with boundaries. 🙂

Rules can help your business grow; metal is a great element for structure and organization. Or maybe you may have to push through some old rules and discover what works for you right now. Are your rules serving you or are they holding you back?

On the shadow side of the spectrum, the metal energy that influences the Children gua, may be slick and chilly, a controlling energy which my show up as being overly critical, even stuck in perfectionism. If you feel this way, maybe add a touch of fire to your children gua to melt some of that perfectionist energy in you and then see how you feel.

The best way to truly flourish is to have a balance of energy in this area with just a touch more “metal” represented than the other elements.