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I am so very grateful to the lovely generosity of my clients for so openly sharing their journey’s with me. Thank you all for the opportunities to do what I do in a way that is so meaningful.

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Can an Attorney (who doesn’t believe) Benefit with Feng Shui?

I recently started a new law firm in Los Angeles with several partners.  A former  colleague of ours who had previously used Nicolette’s services had nothing but amazing things to say about the results that came out of their session.

I personally do not believe in Feng Shui and had my doubts, but we still gave it a try.  Why not? We all met Nicolette on a Saturday morning and went from room to room in the office space.  Nicolette made recommendations on the furniture placement, colors, “energy flow,” and pointed out our front door was on a knife edge, which could negatively affect business.  All of this was new to me.

To give an example, she recommended that I position my desk facing the office door, with my back to the window.  I wanted to angle my desk, but she warned that b/c that was a power position that I might get overwhelmed with work.  She shared a story, where a company had their desks angled and they were flooded with too much work and they could not handle the flow, so they ultimately did not succeed.  They had to close up shop.

In the past month, I have been getting more cases than I could handle and I felt so overwhelmed.  So I just re-organized my desk to the initial way Nicolette recommended, and I put up a crystal in the window behind my back for extra energy protection (this was highly recommended to do but it took a while) – I just feel so much more at ease.

If you have never tried Fend Shui, it’s worth giving it a try, whether you choose to believe in it or not.  I highly recommend Nicolette’s services as she is very sweet, pleasant, and a knowledgeable person who will take her time to answer any questions you have.  Thank you again!


The I-Ching reading was “hands down” applicable!

Nicolette facilitated an I-Ching reading for me – I had never had one before and this reading was off the charts!  I have an I-Ching in my personal library and have never been able to understand the process or how to glean the ancient wisdom.  Nicolette explained the process to me, beautifully, we engaged in a centering and aligning practice, and once I spoke the support and guidance that I was seeking, the reading began.  It is a very complex system made simple and relevant by Nicolette.  We were celebrating its precision and “hands down” applicability to my questions.  I would highly recommend an I-Ching reading from Nicolette.  ~  Mary Jo, Denver

He felt he had the world upon his shoulders!  Those Beams!!

You won’t believe this!  I e-mailed your latest Nicoletter (about beams) to my husband this morning, and after 18 years of trying to get him to re-arrange his office, I came home and his office was re-arranged so that he was not sitting under 2 major beams in the house!  He has always felt he had the world upon his shoulders, and I could never stand to be in his office. I guess he was ready for a change, and once he knew how and why he jumped at the opportunity to make things better for us.  Thank you so much Nicolette. We look forward to many more helpful hints.  – Lynne, Los Angeles

The resistance is melting away

Thank you for your support on the journey.   You are a tremendous resource and we are so grateful for your wisdom.  Most importantly I appreciate your love and aligning me and us with the highest and greatest outcome for all involved.  So we continue to clean the stoves (thawing legal issues).  It was difficult at first…tired, didn’t want to do it, company was here that we didn’t want to tell what we were doing etc.  The resistance is melting and we are enjoying the process.  And of course the stoves are getting cleaner!  Melanie, Denver

My intentions have been fulfilled

I’m working from home today and had one of those moments where I looked around and realized, yet again, how much I LOVE MY PLACE! And how that wasn’t the case until you came in and worked your magic. I’m also in such a different place, as though all of my intentions going into our session have been fulfilled. –  Tina, Denver

Spiritual open heart surgery

With her gifts of Feng Shui, Nicolette performed the equivalent of spiritual open heart surgery on our lives.   The house feels magically alive! I am loving my husband so much these days … and he is getting much more loving. We feel transformed, as if we’ve been given a new, joyous lease on, and relationship to life! – Mr. & Mrs. X, Santa Fe

I am creating such a clear space for me!

I just wanted to write this testimonial saying thank you for your visit to our home on Saturday. It was such a pleasant and enlightening experience. It feels so good to me when things are in their proper place. There’s still a lot to do but I like that everything is out of my room (except for the closet, which I will deal with next) and that I am creating such a clear and open space for me, especially before entering the USM program, which I expect will bring a lot of change in my life. We put our crystals in the kosher salt and plan on doing our intentions tonight. Thanks again, Nicolette.  – Jan, Santa Monica

Our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers

My experience with Nicolette was nothing short of amazing. She has a gift for seeking out the best possible living situation for a person and their home. I love her enthusiastic and infectious positive energy as she knowingly, yet gently, relayed her wealth of information. I also have to say that in the past three days since, our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers! We haven’t even done all the work in our patio/wealth area yet either! Nicolette is a gift to anyone looking for a positive transformation in your home or office!  – Laurel, Denver

The results are refreshingly delightful

Thanks for the amazing input to expand my energy via such a nourishing contribution. The results are refreshingly delightful… the momentum of your input has me excited to go deeper into de cluttering, aligning and accepting the positive chi and juice coming my way. Thanks Nicolette, you are awesome. You always have a home to visit DownUnder!  – Malcolm, Australia

Divinely Inspired

How do you describe the feeling that comes from being in the presence of true mastery? I’ll give you two words, “Divinely Inspired.” That is what you will experience should you do yourself the favor or allowing Nicolette to Feng Shui evaluate your living space. My home and life are being daily transformed, and for the part you played in that Nicolette, thank you!  – Natalia, Denver

I was totally resistant…and am now so grateful!

Wow – what amazing effects you have had on our home. I’ve done a complete 180 from the initial resistance to being literally 2 or 3 steps away from having implemented virtually every single change you suggested! I’m LOVING my new desk position! I even have a contractor coming next week to give us a quote on installing the water fountain in the back. It’s AMAZING the change in vibration in the house. We can’t thank you enough! – M & R, Santa Fe

My office is my favorite place

Since you were here to help me with my office using your amazing Feng Shui talent, my office is now my favorite space to be in. I love how it feels! – Tammi, Boulder

Five calls in five days!

I got two more calls for jobs – that makes 5 CALLS in 5 DAYS! Amazing!! I caught myself saying, “If only someone had told me this would happen if I moved my desk.” Then I realized that is exactly what you told me a year ago and I didn’t listen. – Barbara, Denver

Opportunities are coming from all directions

The first few weeks in my new office, I was getting referrals from only one major source. After I hung up the mirrored chime in a tree outside, suddenly I was getting calls from new doctors and clinics, old clients were returning to get therapy “tune ups” and I generally saw more referral sources blossoming. Thanks Nicolette! – Carrie, Denver

I moved the photographs out and my boyfriend stayed!

The richness of the evening came from the depth of Nicolette connection to energy herself. She is not just speaking platitudes, she lives it. The moment I made the changes, shifts in my relationship started to take place. I moved the photographs (of my Guru) out of my bedroom and my boyfriend came and stayed. LOL. And the women keep calling and thanking me for having the Feng Shui Party. I have meet others who have done Feng Shui and this was the absolute best ever. – Lisa, Los Angeles

My teenager became motivated

Nicolette brings a positive upbeat approach to her work and the tremendous depth of knowledge about the world of Feng Shui is a huge bonus that moves her organizational skills above and beyond! The best of all was seeing my teenager become motivated by her wonderful ideas to finally organize her room… an amazing accomplishment! – Linda, Los Angeles

I’ve held back my business so much

I literally cried I was moved by what I saw open up for me; and I see how much I’ve held back my business and well-being from not being organized. I was embarrassed by my place but Nicolette came with zero judgment – only love! I felt like I had an instant friend. And she made the whole thing fun! – Lynn, Los Angeles

I could never have done it on my own.

You helped me so much, not just with the physical changes but with the issues that came up while I was trying to release my emotional attachment to many of the things I had kept. You were unflaggingly positive and supportive. I never could have done it on my own. I happily give my heartfelt endorsement! – Susan, Los Angeles

My husband got involved too!

I was so ashamed and anxious about having Nicolette come to my home; it was a mess and filled with junk! But she came without judgment and gently encouraged me to LET GO! I never thought it would be so painless and easy. We made a few changes that have dramatically improved our home and my husband was so excited, he got involved picking up paint chips! Thank you so much for helping me to see that it really is so much easier than I have made it out to be! – Diane, Los Angeles

I feel the power in it all!

My wife remodeled her office in the basement as you suggested, moving the desk to face the door and she is elated! I also moved my office around today with the desk facing the door and I feel the power in it all. We want to thank you profusely! You are a Feng Shui hurricane! I feel blessed that you helped us out!” – Paul, Denver

The new arrangement makes the room look so much wider!

I just came across a picture of the living room that I had taken a couple of months ago with the old configuration and I can’t believe how much the new arrangement makes the room look so much wider! Thanks so much for your help! – Betsy, Denver

Fabulous synergy!

Nicolette and I had a fabulous synergy. We zipped through the house and I took on her Feng Shui suggestions. Little changes made a huge difference. I hadn’t been sleeping well for the few months I had been in my new condo, and now that the bedroom furniture is moved around, that is no longer a problem. My office is a joy! My home is my haven! I have much gratitude and accolades for Nicolette! She is a master and a lot of fun as well! – Darleen, Denver

First date in 2 years!

Amazing things are happening! Dana and I went crazy changing things up in our houses after the Feng Shui party and your radio show. Dana completely re-arranged her guest bedroom which is her relationship corner…..AND on Friday she met a VERY cute guy at the Rockies game, and is going on a date with him tonight!!!!! Her first date in over 2 years!!!! I cleaned out my garage, which is my wealth corner, AND…yesterday my client paid me 100% of the money they owed me from the last 4 months…AND even more exciting …I received a totally unexpected check from a very old client that was over $3000!! Yipppie!! – Kris and Dana, Denver

It felt like a whole day cleanse

Thank you so much for all the inspiration! I spent the whole day working in my house…so much came up for me, it felt like a whole day cleanse! Every time I go through this exercise, I release so much! I spent much of the day being very quiet, but working away, my house feels amazing! There were so many things today, as I was walking around, that I never noticed before that I immediately changed, pitched, moved, etc. Such a great process, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally! Denise, Denver

I got the house I always wanted.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me in pulling my house together. I really got everything I hoped I’d get from my experience with you. I got the house I always wanted but couldn’t ever seem to get. I learned so much about Feng Shui from you and I’m still adding little touches of my own since you left. The Feng Shui cures you gave me were felt immediately in my family life and career. They just took off! Good happened and still is. You are great fun to work with and made me feel so at ease, I feel like I met a good friend in the bargain. True to your name, you Inspired me and gave me the confidence to trust my own instincts. – Carol, Denver

You are one of my hero’s…

Finally my desk is exactly where you first suggested it be … and I resisted! I love it ~ it is perfect. You are one of my hero’s! Joanne, Longmont

I keep going into my office just to look

I’m enjoying my new office so much! I am so excited; I keep going in there just to look. I can’t wait to do the TV room, too. I raved about you to my friend; I told her how brilliant, passionate, knowledgeable and creative you are. Many, many thanks! – Kathleen, Denver

Love my power desk position!

Nicolette listened to what I had to say and how I visualized my office to be. We sat down on the rug and she proceeded to tell me about the bagua. We wanted to declutter and simplify the room for me to receive the abundance from the Universe. My desk was in the wrong place and I had unused wall space where I could have another storage unit for my products! In only a few hours, I saw more of my rug!! What a difference! Love my power desk position!” – Nancy, Boulder

I feel like I had just moved into a new home!

After my House Blessing and Feng Shui consultation with Nicolette, not only did I get a good night’s rest (for the first time in a long time), I woke up feeling like I had just moved into a new home – and I’ve lived there for a year! – Cindy, Denver

You made it so clear!

Working with Nicolette is a delight! She brings enthusiasm and vast knowledge of Feng Shui to her work. My fiancé was very reluctant to make any of the changes she suggested and she handled his concerns with humor and understanding. She made it clear that we didn’t have to do any of the changes until we were ready…no pressure. When her suggestion was something we knew we wouldn’t do, there was always another remedy for the problem area. I highly recommend Nicolette and her work if you are ready for change and for the energy to flow in your home or office!” – Wendie, Longmonnt

I am already feeling a positive change

Wow the pictures you took bring up a lot of emotions. It is very sad to see my house like that. But the good news is that I have started my change to a better life. I am already feeling a positive change. There is still a lot to do. Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!” – Tacey, Longmont

We Struggled for 100 years

It feels like so much healed last night, it brings tears to my eyes. A whole family that struggled for 100 years but never gave up and did not became a victim. Again thanks! – Cathy, Kansas

I Do Something and I Get a New Client

I wanted to tell you that I am slowly doing everything to my office we talked about. It’s funny because every time I do something I get a new client! Right after our session, a new and consistent client came. Then I finally got my picture framed and hung in my office and the next day I got another new client. Just wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know the progress! – Rebecca, Denver

Bear is Sleeping Like a Baby!

You did it again! Our little bear is sleeping the best night he has ever had. He woke up briefly once at 10:30 but did not get up to eat until 3:15am! I was able to sit calmly and nurse him in his room and he easily went back to sleep. Not only that, but you made space for hubby and me to talk about the release which lead to larger conversations that allowed our intimacy to continue to grow. I can’t thank you enough, and while i am wide awake and have been since my boobs almost exploded at 3am, I have a greater energy than I’ve had for months! – Caitlin, Denver

I Feel Hopeful

I had such an amazing time yesterday…THANK YOU… thanks for your patience and guidance.   Overall I’m feeling really good about it. I am sure I will have moments of overwhelm but I feel good having direction and a place to start, goals, etc. I feel hopeful and so much of what you said really helped…DEEPLY.   My heart feels much different too, not sure how to describe it but a positive shift.   I am grateful to you!  – Amy, Denver

My Two Year Old is Finally Sleeping!

Harper is finally sleeping through the night. She goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 6:30am. Feng Shui works wonders and you are amazing!!! – David, Los Angeles


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