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Nicolette Vajtay Feng Shui ExpertWelcome!  I’m Nicolette, Feng Shui Expert in the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist school of Feng Shui (BTB), consulting nationally and internationally since 2003, helping creating environments in which you may truly live, love and thrive!

It was quite a trek getting here, from where I began my journey.

As a young Jersey girl, I was quite dramatic and I followed my talent and inspiration to be an actress all through high school, and college, where I received my BFA.  Desiring even more training I was invited into a full-immersion-year-long-apprenticeship program with Actors Theatre of Louisville, in Kentucky, one of the top five most respected training programs for young actors.  Afterward, with just 10 other classmates, I attended a 2 year conservatory program with The American Repertory Theatre’s Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University.

I continue to explore this joy of the artist within me; I write plays and direct for the theatre, and I am proud to say, I am almost complete with my first novella!

Feng Shui Found Me!

As a performer I either had a flood of work, or quite the dearth, and as a writer, I feel I often had to spend time living my life before I know what comes next in the lives of my characters.

I have always been a spiritual seeker and hungry for my personal growth, and have explored holistic and spiritual studies for over 30 years of my life.  During a quiet time from the stage I happened upon a workshop on Feng Shui.  The philosophy resonated within me so deeply, it woke me up in a way that I had never experienced before.  It sparked a new kind of creativity within my whole being.  The concept of how our environments influence our well-being made so much sense to me, and it was a perfect compliment to my holistic and spiritual lifestyle/studies.

I was so inspired (hence my business name), I went home to my apartment and immediately implemented the insights I gained.  To no surprise, things began to shift for me immediately.  Career opportunities opened up, and as I integrated Feng Shui principles into my Professional Organizing business I saw how they were perfect complimentary modalities in creating a healthy, alive and beautiful environment.  In 2007 I decided to focus solely on the energy practice of Feng Shui (it was my true gift), and have brought a wonderful Professional Organizer to my team; we still offer Organizing should a client need this extra support in their environment.

In 2003, I created Clutter Free Fairy, which in 2007 transformed into Inspired Living Feng Shui.  I became a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, the premier professional organization dedicated to the outreach of Feng Shui. Receiving the Red Ribbon Professional Honor has set a gold standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge in my practice, which I pass on to you in every session!

Wanting to train with the best in the industry I received my Feng Shui Practitioners Certification with Feng Shui Master Teacher James Jay with Feng Shui Designs, and continued mentoring with Master Teacher Katherine Metz of The Art of Placement.  I continue in a monthly mentoring program with Ms. Metz in her Feng Shui Storyboard educational studies, along with other Feng Shui practitioners from around the world.  Traveling to China on an Advanced Feng Shui Immersion Class with China Studies was a true spiritual pilgrimage!

One of my greatest joys is using all of my talents from the entertainment field in my vibrant Feng Shui YouTube Channel.  We are currently nearing three million views!  Have you checked it out yet?  Please subscribe and join in on the conversation!  One interesting goal would be to magnetize the right people to help me create a Reality TV Show using the ancient principles of Feng Shui to support people in the transformation of their lives!

In 2015, after eight years in gorgeous Denver, CO, I relocated back to L.A., and continue to consult both on-site or on-Skype, with National and International Feng Shui clients.  My diverse passions attract clients with various lifestyles and equally diverse interest. For this I am most grateful. I am continuously inspired by our experiences together, and how just a tiny shift in our environment can open up a whole new life.  I am passionate about supporting others make powerful and meaningful changes in their lives that inspire them to manifest their dreams!

I look forward to connecting with you; give me a call sometime.






Press Kit

Nicolette Vajtay's Press Kit

I have had the opportunity to be featured in Shape Magazine and 303 Magazine, and have been a guest Feng Shui expert on Kosi 101 with Rashke, Blog Talk Radio with host David Mat Brown, and LA Talk Live with Alanya.

In early 2016 I was an invited speaker at the Women In The Mix summit at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Coming up in September 2016, I will be sharing the magic of Feng Shui with Mother’s of Boys, in Colorado.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my public speaking and performance experience in speaking about the many multi faceted insights of Feng Shui at your special event, your wellness retreat, in your magazine, and/or on your Radio, Podcast and TV show.

My Youtube Channel Inspired Living Feng Shui is thriving with almost 3 million views.  Check it out and please subscribe!

I look forward to connecting and supporting your dreams!  Thank you for your consideration.


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