The Making of An Office with Feng Shui – Part Two

If you missed part one, I invite you to read that blog first before jumping into this one. Then you can play along and exercise your knowledge of Feng Shui before I give you all the answers. You may find Part One here: The Making of An Office Part One

Here we go!

My client Michelle emailed me her empty floor plan.

Using Feng Shui principles, what do we do first?

The Desk

Because this is an office and Michelle’s greatest desire is to grow her business and make money with her passion as a mind/body/energy healing practitioner, I will place the desk first. The desk represents the platform from which we grow our business, or where we craft our art, write our book, or manage the foundation for our household with bill paying, scheduling, and emailing, etc.

If you pushed the desk against a wall in Fame, Wealth, or Relationship, you would be out of command position with your back to the door. And you’d be “pushed up against a wall” and have nowhere to go in your business.

If the desk is placed against the wall in Career, you’d be in command, but you’d still be against a wall. Curable. But the desk could become an obstacle. It’s a little too bulky to live by the door. And since it would be the first thing you would have to maneuver around every morning, it could create lots of unnecessary effort. You may be working harder just to be successful.

Don’t put the desk in extra knowledge, that’s just a hiding position, and Michelle is ready to shine!

If possible, you want to float the desk, so you are in command position, meaning you can see the door without being in alignment with the door. The placement of the desk in Wealth and Family is an excellent position. The Family gua is about new beginnings and our financial foundation. Then we move that financial security into the Wealth gua which is about our overflow of abundance! Both are great for Michelle and her business!

There is a window behind the chair in Wealth, so Michelle hung a crystal in the window for her protection so all her energy doesn’t leak out.

Placing the Couch

This is a great placement for the couch. It is the first thing you will see upon entering the office, thus setting up the intention and focus for a healing business.

Michelle’s clients will be working on their life issues on the couch. Luckily, the Fame gua is influenced by the fire energy, so clients sitting on the couch will literally have a fire under their butt (pure inspiration) to get moving in their healing. The Fame gua is about being able to see your future clearly (influences the eyes) and helps us find and shine our authentic light in the world. It’s a perfect place for a client to sit and figure out what is next in life.

The couch crosses into the relationship gua, which is also lovely as a good relationship between practitioner and client is important for healing and success. We placed the end table in the corner there so Michelle had a place for tissues, but also a place where she could anchor the relationship energy with a Feng Shui cure. I also added a small light on the end table so that the relationship energy in the office is extra illuminated. Although, before we can add a light there the plug socket is going to need replacing first! I know a fantastic electrician though so it should not be a problem. Honestly, it is amazing how useful knowing a local electrician can be! Accordingly, if you are in the process of switching up the lighting in your home or office, or if you are thinking of contacting an electrician to turn your lighting dreams into a reality you can find plenty of useful resources on this website: Ultimately, we are in a relationship to everything, our partners, children, bosses, and the work or art that we create. Let’s keep that area bright!

The Knowledge Gua

I had to place something in the knowledge gua, it couldn’t be left empty, so we put a chair there to soak-up the knowledge energy. Michelle will slide the chair into place when working with her clients and sit in an anchored energy. She will have all her learned knowledge available to her, as well as downloads from Spirit. We could place the chair in Health, but I feel it would block the flow to the desk. So, when buying a chair, Michelle will keep in mind to get something light and easy to move.

The bookshelves fit perfectly in the extra knowledge nook. A great place energetically to store resources that represent knowledge.

You’ll see I have added a huge mirror above the bookshelf, and a lamp. I want to make sure her knowledge energy continues to expand and not get stuck in a box. The nook felt a little dark to me and we don’t want energy to get stuck in there, so we’ll keep it illuminated as well.

Children and Helpful People and the Extra’s

We also can’t keep the Children and Helpful People guy’s empty. I suggested she hang a huge mirror there as a fabulous cure. Mirrors are metal energy and these two guas hold the metal element. The mirror will reflect another window in this small space and add more natural light, as well as pull in nature from outside. The mirror will also reflect the entire office in the Children and Helpful People guas thus multiplying her “creativity” in her new business practices and making her a doubly-helpful person. A dynamic cure to fill in this area.

We placed another small bookshelf in the Career gua, with a water image hung above it to keep the flow of her career dynamic and abundant. A small fountain on that bookshelf would have worked equally well. A plant will mitigate the sharp edge of the poison arrow in Career facing the desk, which uncured could have zapped all her energy and desire to create a new business.


Feng Shui is an Art and Science

All of the above information is the science part, and how to best arrange the space using the empowering tenants and principles of Feng Shui. However, Feng Shui is also an Art Form, and Michelle brought her beautiful aesthetic and dynamic personality to artistically create the space that is now her office.

I’ll send Part Three with the big reveal in two weeks and I am sure you will feel the same awe I do when it all comes together so magically, with every piece placed intentionally to create the best life and most vibrant business possible.

Did you play along?

How did you do with building out this office space? I would love to see your masterpieces, so do send them to me at

Sending you oodles of blessings and love!!