The Making of an Office with Feng Shui – Part One

My client Michelle sent me this diagram of her new office space.

This is all I got. Tada!! An empty space. Now what?

She also tells me her desire is to set up her new office space, which she sourced from the McGraw Commercial website, in a way that will bring in good fortune, healing, abundance, and a whole new aspect of her counseling business. When creating a counseling business, it’s important that there is good energy to ensure patients feel relaxed and comfortable. By starting out with an empty office, Michelle can ensure she decorates her new office space appropriately. The beauty of an empty office is that the company you choose will have plenty of space to play with. This is what Michelle benefits from. After 25 years of traditional talk therapy, she has transitioned to mind/body/energy healing, healing all kinds of traumas – usually in one session. Meet Michelle here at Inner Oasis Coaching.

And now, lets GO with Feng Shui – Play along!

Is there a room in your house you are curious about? Or maybe your current office space? Try this Feng Shui exercise with me. Draw the room without any furniture in it and follow along.

The first thing I do, before worrying or wondering, is lay the Feng Shui Bagua on the floor plan for more information. Watch how this empty space will start speaking to me.

We always lay the bagua at the front door of the office, house, bedroom, kitchen, pool house… always at the front door. (Have you seen my So You Read it in a Book video?).

Now that the bagua is on the floor plan, it immediately tells me there is “extra knowledge”energy in this office. Since that part of the room protrudes beyond the front door, it is extra energy. That is a perfect architectural design feature for Michelle because she is implementing a new aspect to her business. Which means she needs new knowledge in her mind and spirit as well. The knowledge gua is all about knowing who we are so we can take that knowledge out into the world. I’m already happy with the new space.

I also see that the door is in Helpful People and Travel. That’s another good sign. In my fifteen-year practice, I have more often than not, found that healers and therapists and counselors and body workers and energy workers (etc.) often have their office or the front door of their home in the Helpful People and Travel gua.

This gua is about being a supportive person, it reflects that you are the kind of person who offers something helpful to the world. Or you may be calling in extra support and love into your life. This area also represents your connection to your God, your Universe, the ultimate source of support and love. Naturally healers tend to attract homes and offices with the front door in this area.

As a therapist/coach, this is also perfect for Michelle. She can bless the door with the intention that anyone who enters feels loved and supported by her gifts and talents. She can also say a prayer as she enters each morning to be the most supportive person she can be, spiritually and mentally. And she can set the intention to take all of her support and love out into the world.

Then she tells me she wants to get ALL OF THIS into that small office.

Want to play some more?

Given what you know about command position, and keeping in mind that this is a business as well as a healing space… what furniture would you put into which gua, and why?

If you want to play, sketch it out and send it to me at – I’d love to see your Feng Shui knowledge at work.

And stay tuned for Part Two when I fill in the space with all that furniture and more, using the magical principles of Feng Shui.