“Is it okay to have pictures of my amazing children in the bedroom?”

They’re so cute, so cuddley, so funny … so needy, so demanding, so exhausting!

Are you ready for your next Feng Shui tip on creating love, or enhancing the love you you already have? You can read the blog below or watch the video to the right. You may not LIKE what I have to say, but I think you may like the results!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place in the house that was an oasis, a sanctuary from all your stresses including work, money, and the kids? When you have pictures of your young innocent impressionable kids in the bedroom, watching you… it can be difficult to allow yourself to fully slip out of the mother and father role, and into the role of red-blooded-man-and-woman-with-chemicals-swirling-and-passions-pulsating!

The bedroom is the place to ?safely ?express and explore our bodies, our naked vulnerability, profound intimacy with our beloved, and our most joyful physical desires. That may not be so easy to do with the kids watching.

Or your parents.

Or your spiritual gurus and teachers.

Here’s another Tapping video with Brad Yates that may help you with “Saying No.” Even to your children. And setting healthy boundaries so mommy and daddy have a healthy, happy life. When mommy and daddy are happy, everybody is happy.

Along with the Feng Shui cure, tapping can help. But if you need even more support, I invite you to talk with a coach or therapist. I can highly refer the brilliant

Chelli Pumphry, Love Strategist in Denver, CO

Check out her website and schedule a complimentary conversation! Get your LOVE and Sex on track!


And let me know how you feel. I know you’ll be having so much fun. You’ll feel so freeeeeee! Please post a comment or a Before-N-After pic on my Facebook page – Inspired Living Feng Shui!

By now you know that there could be lots going on, like bed placement, having your bed on the floor, or pushed against the wall, or having crap under the bed… have you seen all of those videos yet? You can see them on my YouTube channel – Inspired Living Feng Shui.

If you’d like to take a look at your home from a Feng Shui perspective, to look at any challenging architectural issues or the placement of your beautiful decor, email me, and we’ll have a complimentary conversation.

When we create an intentional environment, we have the support to fully embrace dynamic intimate relationships. And amazing sex. Wishing you delicious, juicy, intimate love! And please share this article with a friend who may also want delicious, juicy, intimate love!