What’s the hubaloo about the importance of having a headboard?

Here it is… the much anticipated Feng Shui tip on the importance of having a headboard.  Read the blog below or watch the video to the right!  
One of the main things I see in my client’s bedrooms, is a bed without a headboard.
Some folks think Feng Shui is just superstitious hubaloo – but at the root of this practice is a truth based in energy and how that energy is triggering your nervous system.  We’ve turned some superstitions upside down with knowledge in the other videos so check those out later on my YouTube Channel for more information.

Take a look at this room?  There are two nights stands, two lamps… that’s a nicely balanced room – but there’s no headboard.  This is the bedroom of a beautiful, adult woman in her late 40’s.  She has a good job, but not her dream career that fufills her heart and soul.  And she’s single.

I don’t mean for this to sound harsh, but if you are over 21, it’s time to have a headboard.   Having a headboard is about growing up. This room feels more energetically resonate to a college kid, instead of a mature, thriving, purposeful adult.

When we are sleeping, our heads are most vulnerable… and when I got my first headboard, I could feel the protection and support immediately.  Without a headbaord, the ability to create mastery of life, which is represented by the master bedroom, is leaking all over the place.  With a headboard you have the necessary backing and support to create a stable, happy, healthy career and marriage.  With that kind of support, you will have the creative energy, courage and stamina to get out into the world and live your life.

The left and right sides of the bed represent the masculine and feminine energy in YOU, as we all have masculine and feminine energy in us. The headboard supports, protects and embraces that energy in you, and marries it together in partnership , so you can individually and courageously come together, into an intimate and intentional relationship.

Brad Yates has hundreds of tapping videos, but I picked this one because, the fact that you don’t have a headboard may suggest a block to your own self empowerment.  Tap with Brad to clear being “Afraid to be Powerful.”  He also has “Feeling Powerful Everywhere,” and “Feeling Safe Again” on his YouTube Channel.  Go check them out!

If you are a woman, 50 or older, and you are searching for your self empowerment, or wondering when life is finally going to start, I invite you to explore this beautiful coach, Lora LeFhae with Truth Seed – she will help you cultivate your true potential so you can live a safe and thriving life!

A solid wood headboard is the best for support and growth, a fabric headboard is also good, securley fastened to the bed.  One client attached the headboard to the wall and pushed the bed up to the wall.  That’s not an accurate implementation of this cure.  Try not to use metal or a headboard with slats.  Metal is too cold and slick for a bedroom and for intimate connections, and a headboard with slats is just another energy leak at the head.  You may feel like you don’t have the support or protection to live your best life.
Can you FEEL the difference in the bedroom below?  The room is complete now, ready for a couple to connect, communicate and canoodle!  
If you are looking for that extra support and an embrace of protecitive energy in your career and relationhip, get yourself a headboard and please post a before and after pic on my facebook page Inspired living Feng Shui and let me know how you feel!  It will be magical, and I imagine you’ll relax more easily, rest more deeply and live your life more vibrantly!!
If you’d like to take a peek at the Feng Shui in your bedroom and in the rest of the home, email me and we can have a complimentary conversation.  Wishing you a profound, safe, courageous love!  And share this video with someone who may also want a profound, safe and courageous love!