Intro to Feng Shui

$54 per person

In person or over Zoom to anywhere in the world!

In this 3-hour Intro to Feng Shui workshop you and your guests will learn all about the Feng Shui Bagua, the energy map that we lay on the floor plan of your home. You will quickly learn where the nine life energies are in your own home and how to enhance each area by balancing the Feng Shui.

Host a workshop in your home and receive a free consultation in return. We’ll use your house as the sample house in the workshop; it’s all about you! 🙂

Or add this workshop to your wellness retreat curriculum, at a conference, seminar, team building event with your company, at your yoga studio, at church, with your book club, meet up group, mommies group, dads group, or more!

Each participant works on their own floor plan of their own home.

The nine life energies are: Family, Wealth, Health, Helpful People & Travel, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Fame, Career, and Relationship. You ‘ll leave this workshop with dozens of cures for each area of your home that you may start implementing right away. We’ll focus on the five elements found in the home and in your body, like in Chinese Medicine – fire, earth, metal, water, wood. As well as the constructive and destructive cycles of these elements for healthier living.

We’ll discover if you have missing energy in your architectural design details or extra blessings! And how to cure the less than positive influences that surround you every day. With this new awareness and information you may start mitigating negative energies and enhancing all the wonderful things that are already working really well.

Feng Shui can help you create an environment flowing with more ease and grace so you may create more love, success, happiness, wealth, creativity, and abundance in your life.

If you aren’t able to HOST a party, contact me to join another party in the Seattle area. or 303.3969211