Host a Feng Shui Party in your own home!

Host a Feng Shui Party

Your living and work spaces are always speaking to you… are you listening?

Host our most popular three hour workshop to an intimate group of friends in the comfort of your own home or special organization. We will use YOUR house as the sample house in the workshop, thus you will receive FREE Feng Shui cures and enhancements based on the architectural design and decor of your floor plan.

A unique experience for you and your friends!

Invite 10 or more friends to sip win, nibble on snacks and to expand their minds with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. In this 3-hour Intro to Feng Shui workshop you and your guests will Learn how Feng Shui may be easily integrated into any lifestyle, and how just a little bit of Feng Shui knowledge can start shifting your life in amazing ways.

The architectural designs of the house, and the placement of our loved decor will either create a positive, uplifting energy in your space, or create a home that depletes your energy and may leave you feeling agitated, stressed and sometimes even poor. With Feng Shui principle, we will open up the energy in your home so you may invite in more passionate, loving relationships, a dynamic energy to grow your business and inspire creativity, an understanding of how wealth can support your family and your dreams, and so much more. When it comes to Feng Shui, it’s all about form and we will be teaching you to look outside the box when it comes to interiors. Something like acoustic ceiling panels can really add to the ambiance of a room whilst providing that form as mentioned.

Like acupuncture for the body, when the chi is moving again, the body begins its natural healing process. When we remove the blocks and get the chi moving again in your home, your environment becomes a sacred place that supports you in creating the life you want.

The Feng Shui Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua is the energy map that we lay on the floor plan of your home to learn where the good energy is buzzing around and where the negative energy is clogged up.

In this two hour intro to Feng Shui your guests will learn:


    • The Feng Shui Bagua – the energy map of your home.
    • The nine Feng Shui energy vortexes in your home that affect the nine values of your life.
    • How to lay the Bagua on your floor plan and locate the nine life energy values in your own home.
    • Do you have missing energy or extra blessings in your home – learn what this means… and…
    • How the energy of you home is affecting you, either positively or negatively
    • A few simple Feng Shui adjustments that may create more love, success, happiness, wealth, creativity, and abundance in your life.
    • How to cure a missing area in your home to bring that energy back into your life

DSC05309For the best results, each student brings:

A sketched floor plan of the main level of your home/apartment/condo
Please also bring a pencil, highlighter, a ruler and a red envelope with a coin in it!

You will learn how to thrive in your environment!

Groups from 10 (min.) to 15 (max.) guests: $54/person

Schedule your event now. Call me or email me now for more information and to chat about details about larger group presentations!

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