The ghouls and goblins come out at the end of the month, actually in a way to protect us and scare away even worse negative energy.

“(November 1st) This day marked the end of summer and the harvest, and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.”

So for many reasons, but also to make sure the dead and negative spirits didn’t affect our lives, the people donned scary masks and built fires to actually scare away the ghosts. Similar in purpose to the foo-dogs in China that are placed outside a home, to scare away negative energy from entering your home. To read more about Halloween see the History Channel.

Having a bathroom in the middle of the house is also a very scary thing! According to Feng Shui principal anyway. But fire can help us too!

The Bagua Guides Us!

In the Feng Shui bagua, the nine square grid that we lay over the floor plan of your home, there is a middle sector which is the HEALTH gua. While a modern day practitioner like myself will use a nine square grid (our rooms are square), the the traditional bagua is actually shaped like a hexagon. As you can see, the middle sector, often depicted with the tai chi symbol, represents pure balance, the black and white, the masculine and feminine, the up and down, the in and out.

And all of the other guas/sectors appear to be moving toward the center, or all of that energy is radiating out from the center.

Because each gua touches the center, this represents that true health and wellness is a balance of all areas of our lives. Too much bad stuff, is, well, bad. But too much good stuff can also throw you off balance, like too much champagne, or too much sunshine on your face which can burn your skin.

So, when you have a bathroom in the middle of the house, in the heart of the house, in the area of the house that is trying for complete balance, you may bump into some issues. Bathrooms are all about downward moving energy, flushing aggressively downward and away from the house. All of the other life energies (like relationship, career, wealth, fame, creativity) may get sucked down the drain with the intended drainage of a bathroom.

Now we LOVE our bathrooms so lets not curse such a blessing. Don’t you agree that it’s great to have it indoors with hot water and heated floors? But in Feng Shui bathrooms should be addressed with a cure so that the good energy doesn’t fly down the drain with the waste. And if you have a bathroom in the middle of the house, a great cure is to paint it red!

Get Out the red paint!

If you anthropomorphize (give it human qualities) the good energy in the home that you are nourishing in the other sectors like wealth, fame, creativity, career, relationship, and all of that energy gets pulled toward the center area of the home where that infamous bathroom is, what could keep that energy from going down the drain? What can scare the good energy away from the bathroom?

When you paint the bathroom red, you’re basically adding a fire energy to the bathroom, so now the bath is glowing with heat and power… and when we humans get too close to a fire, what do we do? We back away so we don’t get burned! So in this case, we are using the fire energy to push away all the good energy, away from the bathroom so the good energy doesn’t drain away with the waste we are flushing away from the house.

So get out the blood red paint (insert scary music here)or any shade of red, and have some fun. All four walls should be painted red and ONLY for a bathroom in the MIDDLE OF THE HOUSE. Don’t go painting all your bathrooms red, cause that would just be … creepy!

If you do enhance your home with this great adjustment, please share your before and after pictures and I can share them with the community. And then let me know how you feel once you have this wonderful, powerful cure in place. I trust you will have more energy and a clearer mindset and new ideas will rush to you and you may communicate better and love more passionately…all because that delicious positive energy isn’t all going down the toilet!