Floor Plan Review for Remodel or New Build

$150 per hour

L.A. Feng Shui Class and Workshop

This practice aims to promote harmony and happiness through design. The idea behind it is to optimise buildings in all aspects to bring about good feelings. This includes optimising the internal and external spaces, as well as garden spaces. Even aspects like roofing are important. For that reason, you may wish to read this roof replacement guide. Feng Shui calls on you to place objects in such a way as to allow for the flow of Qi – a natural energy that flows through everything. A building’s layout, colours and materials affect the flow of Qi, as does the placement of all of the objects inside the building.

Before tearing down that wall, before popping the top, before building your dream home, before you even pour the foundation, a quick look at your brand new floor plan will reveal whether you are building a happy, healthy home or a design that has some Feng Shui challenges. The best house is the house that needs the least curing.

Before making the biggest investment of your life, I would love to get my eyes on your plans to assure you are moving into the best home design possible. Before you knock down or build a wall, I would love to assure that you are adding good energy, instead of depleting the good energy you already have!