The Feng Shui Wealth Cure

$99/person * minimum 10 students

In this creative and fun 3-hour workshop your guests will not only learn about the ancient Feng Shui Wealth Cure, but actually create one for their own personal use.

The ancient Wealth Cure is beneficial when encountering financial difficulties AND just as dynamic when wealth is flowing, to further enhance your financial situation. As you participate, you may better understand how money flows to you and through your life, and what money means to you and others.

This dynamic cure enhances a new awareness, new excitement and new flow around your abundance, as we stimulate our own economy! We’ll start our time together with meditation and intention setting. Then we’ll use our imaginations and beautify our prosperity pig, like a vision board for our wealth and abundance.

In the last hour, you will learn the ancient wealth cure process that you will implement for the following 27 or 99 days to increase the positive flow of money into your life.

This is a super fun and creative workshop to share with your family, friends, yogis, mommies group, church members, meet-uppers – all can benefit from the Wealth Cure.

Please book this workshop at least 3-4 weeks in advance. All creative art supplies are provided.