Feng Shui Tips to Enhance the Children Gua

Find the Children gua in your home and apply these Feng Shui Tips for greater self expression!

Imagine stretching a nine square grid equally over the floor plan of your home, with the knowledge, career or helpful people sectors flush on the wall of the front door. Now stand in your front door facing INTO the house. The Children Gua is situated in the middle-right area of the home, sandwiched between the Relationship (back right) and Helpful People and Travel (front right) sectors.

What do you see in the Children gua? What element is most represented in this area? Do you see playful expressions of yourself and your family?

Fire melts metal in the destructive cycle of energy, so a fireplace would need curing, perhaps with a large piece of art representing the earth element. Earth is magical here, as it will dampen the fire, AND create the metal energy we need here (think of mining ore). A kids bedroom, an artist’s studio for painting, writing, sculpting, even an office for an accountant would be fantastic here. It’s a great place to have your television too, and/or a game table. No matter what room falls in this part of your home, this is the place to play and enjoy life, even your business. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Is your children area missing in your home? If so, do you find yourself feeling confused about what you want to do in life, or have trouble expressing who you are and/or your needs in a relationship? Curing this would be ideal, but each home is different. Have a pro take a peek so you cure it effectively and beneficially! Email me!!

The color for this area is white and gray for the metal element, and yellow – brown for the earth energy, but also know that this is the place to express yourself dramatically, creatively and abundantly which could show up in a full palate of colors. Square and circle shapes represent earth and metal respectively. How can you bring a little more creative energy into your home this fall?

Live big, shine bright!