Host a Feng Shui Party
$45 per person

Host a Feng Shui Party in your own home, in your yoga studio, in your condo community room, at church, during your retreat, at your meetup, anywhere!  Invite 10 friends and receive a free consultation – I will use YOUR house as the sample house in the workshop.  Dive into this ancient and inspiring practice while sipping drinks and nibbling snacks.

Either in Person or Over Zoom to Anywhere In the World

In this 3-hour intro to Feng Shui, you and your guests will learn all about the Feng Shui Bagua, the energy map of your home that shows you where the good energy is buzzing around and where the negative energy may be clogged up.

We’ll also learn about the five elements, the same five elements in Chinese Medicine that are in nature and in your body!

Everyone will go home with dozen’s of Feng Shui cures to implement right away! And with full belly’s and big smiles having learned something so empowering.

A magical and fun introduction to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Work on your own floor plan of your home as we review each of the nine life energies in the home: Wealth, Health, Helpful People & Travel, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Fame, Career and Relationship.

10 person minimum   

Email me now to book this party, or call me: 303-396-9211