Is your bed on the floor? What are you thinking? I can help!

Here is your next Feng Shui tip ?on creating or inviting in healthy romantic love into your life. “Why it’s best NOT to have your bed on the floor. You can read the blog below or watch the video version to the right!

If you haven’t seen the video about where to place your bed in the room for healthy sleeping, and healthy loving, make sure you watch this later for more information.

For now lets look at the affects of having a bed on the floor instead of on a frame.

?The question to consider is why you put your bed on the floor in the first place? You may have put the bed on the floor because you ?were trying to create more safety or more security, you may have been feeling like you wanted to be more grounded? in your self and in your relationship, you may have wanted more support from your partner. But when you put your bed on the floor, you actually created the opposite.
?There is a lot going on in this bedroom, but lets just look at the placement. From a Feng Shui perspective, this placement on the floor may ?actually ?lower your energy, rather than create the support you want. It can add to feelings of depression, and make it th?at much harder to get up and out of bed in the morning.
Maybe you want to stay in bed all day? Or do you get up in the morning with intention to create a great new day?


What is Chi?

I think there is a subtle misconception about the word chi. Many of us think it means “energy.” I did too. To some degree it is energy. But it’s so much more than just energy. The word chi is literally translated to “oxygen.” And if you think of how oxygen supports us with our every breath, then you can see Chi as a source of supportive, life energy. When the bed is on a frame, then chi, or oxygen can circulate under the bed and support you when our bodies are most vulnerable, when we are sleeping.
You will feel so much more supported, you may feel ?m?ore in balance with your emotions, and you’ll just have an easier ?time getting out? of bed and? into the world, ?where you can express your passion, purpose and mission. All by getting your bed off the floor.
So, I invite you to raise your bed off the floor and raise your energy! You don’t have to get a big bed set, just a basic frame will make all the difference. If you do move your bed, please post a before and after picture on my facebook page, Inspired Living Feng Shui. I’d love to hear how the new placement makes you feel. Feel free to ask questions there, too!

Next Steps

This one cure will help you a lot, but there could be other issues affecting your relationships. If you’d like to take a peek at what else may be going on in the home from a Feng Shui perspective, email me and we’ll have a complimentary conversation. ?
When we create an intentional environment, we make space for dynamic, intimate relationships. Wishing you sexy, fabulous, exciting love!
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