So why is it best NOT to push your bed against the wall?

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If you haven’t seen the video on Bed Placement and the negative effects of having your Bed On The Floor, make sure you ?watch those videos later for even more information!

So what do you think happens if you?r bed is pushed against a wall and you? can only access it from one side? ?First, from a Feng Shui perspective, it may mean you aren’t ready for a relationship. You aren’t ready to invite in a partnership, because your bed for two is only open to one person. You’re partner can’t get into the bed without ?some fancy acrobatics.
Okay maybe that could be fun. 🙂 But you want to make it easy for your partner ?to join you in the bed, you want to have breath and space around the bed, so you each bring your empowered individuality ?to the bedroom and to the relationship.
With a bed pushed into a corner, you may also be pushing yourself into a corner. You may feel overwhlemed in your life and afraid to really go for your dreams. You may also fall into the trap of not wanting to get out of bed.
Not to mention that the person sleeping on the inside of the bed, closest to the wall, may start to feel diminished, because they have to climb over you to get to their side of the bed. Or they may feel trapped in the relationship because they are pushed up against the wall and can’t get out of the bed. It can create prison energy, and they may feel suffocated and overwhelmed in the relationship. And that’s no fun, right!??
All of that is amplified by which gua or area of the home the squeezed bed falls into. Is your bed in the wealth gua? You may feel overly stressed about how you’re creating your wealth. Is it in your relationship gua? You may feel trapped in a relationship that isn’t quite right for you. Career, health, family… no matter where your bed is, if it’s pushed against a wall, you are blocking opportunities from being able to reach you, because you only have access to the bed from one side.
?It’s okay for a child?’s bed to be pushed against a wall for ?extra safety and protection?, ?and for someone with a disability who may may need additional support.
For the healthiest relationships, float the bed in the room, in command position, with your headboard on a solid wall. You want to access your bed from all sides.
If your bed is pushed against a wall, I invite you to move it. If you can. Even if you create a tiny space for a night stand, or a plant stand, between the wall and the bed, it will make all the difference in your relationship, and in your own life. I imagine you will feel like you can take the deepest breath you have taken in a long time.
And please post a before and after picture on my facebook page, Inspired Living Feng Shui, and let me know how you feel.

Next Steps x

This cure will help you so much, but there may be other thigns going on in the architecture of the home or where you have placed your other furniture in the home. If you want to take a peek at how you can create the best environment, email me and we’ll have a complimentary conversation.

When we create an intentional environment, we create the support for dynamic, intimate relationships. Wishing you crazy, sexy, intimate love!

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