Here is the answer to the question,

“Is it okay to shove all the crap I don’t want to deal with under the bed?”

​What do you think?  🙂  You can read the blog below or watch the video, and make an empowered change in your bedroom and life!  And check out the other “Love & Feng Shui Videos” later, for even more information!

Now that you know where to place your bed, why not to rest it on the floor, or push it up against a wall, you may be thinking, “I have all this great space under the bed, to hide things I want to ignore.”  
Think of the icky things you may ​want to avoid in life like, letters from the IRS, bills and old taxes, divorce papers, love letters from old lovers… who are married to other amazing people, having kids and living adventurous lives, and you know this because you secretly follow them on Facebook.  (Yikes)
Imagine all that negative energy shooting up at you when you’re trying to sleep.  Even if you can’t see it, even if you don’t consciously remember that stuff is there, it is still affecting you.  It’s like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time.  Do you think you can truly relax, truly rest with all of that worry and stress under you?   How could that energy ​be affecting how you relate to the person you are sharing the bed with​?​
N​ot to mention that when you have stuff under the bed, including those beds with built in storage drawers, the chi can’t get under there to support you when you are sleeping.  You already learned this in the “bed on the floor” blog/video …  ​Chi or oxygen, or life source energy, wants to support you in a nest of positive energy.  But it can only do that if it can circulate under the bed. 

Here is a video with Brad Yates.  He’ll lead you through a Tapping series to help you clear away having an “attachment to stuff.”   Clutter is a big Feng Shui issue.  All of that stuff acts like cinderblocks holding you back from your success and healthy relationships. 


If you still need additional support, maybe a Professional Organizer can get help!  I can highly refer Leigh Dyer with In Dire Need Professional Organizing in Denver, CO.  Not in Denver?  Find the local NAPO organization in your city, and get the support you may need!

Clients often feel immediately better, when they clear the crap out from under the bed, especially the crap you don’t want to deal with.  So I invite you to clean it up – and post a before and after picture on my Facebook Page, Inspired Living Feng Shui.  And let me know how you feel!  I imagine you’ll sleep better, you’ll feel better, and I bet you’ll have more fun in the bedroom.  And you’ll have the energy to deal with that crap in the first place.  ​

I wish one cure fixed everything, but there could be other architectural problems in the home…  and/or personal, emotional and spiritual issues affecting your relationships.  If you’d like to to see what else may need to be addressed so you may live your best life, email me, and we’ll have a complimentary conversation.
When we create an intentional environment, ​we have the support for dynamic, intimate relationships. Wishing you joyful, playful, intimate love!  And share this video with a friend who may also want joyful, playful, intimate love!