Feng Shui Cures End of The Year Blues!

Do you get a little worried of business slowing down during the holidays? Do you find yourself running on top of the energy trying to avoid the chaos, or settle in knowing that all is well? Staying productive and profitable is my goal, to help keep you moving forward, sustaining business and growing into a new year! Now that you might have a little bit of free time, how can I help you get ready for a new and profitable year with the magic of Feng Shui??

See the inspiring transformation Lynn Given did using the principles of Feng Shui below! Incorporate some of her Feng Shui cures into your own business!

After I shared a 15 minute presentation at a networking event on the Power of Feng Shui in the Workplace, Lynn Given said she needed help. She is the owner of two Maid Pro franchises, with offices in Littleton and Parker.

They purchased the franchises in 2009, and last month Lynn said with a frown,

“Our business has been very dull, we’ve had a lot of turn over with our staff, our employees are stressed, and the office is depressing. We are a functional business and our office looks like a warehouse.”

It makes sense why Lynn set up her store front as a functional and not beautiful location. She is about cleaning and about getting the job done! The place was depressing to me too. I wouldn’t want to come here to work everyday. We had a long conversation about how Feng Shui can support her business and the bottom line was “respect.” If Lynn didn’t respect what she did and her employees, why would the employees want to stay on?

The Feng Shui plan included making the store front the face of the business; professional, dynamic, and important. This will instill professionalism into the employees and they will want to do a good job.
We added a conference room table into the Fame and Relationship corners and the logo onto the bright red wall in Fame! Lynn said they had their first office meeting and the employees all felt special sitting around the table together.The Given office after 2office manager was squeezed into a small office, sitting in alignment with TWO doors putting her in the middle of a double whammy of Sha Chi (aggressive, fast moving, cutting, hard hitting energy).

Lynn shared there was a lot of turn over in the company, but especially the office manager, dispatcher. It makes perfect sense to me that no one could sit very long in the energy of TWO doors and not feel anxious, aggravated and just plain unhealthy.

Now when customers or potential employees enter their establishment they are greeted by the office manager, who has a full scope vision of the entire business from her perch by the front door.The more functional part of the business, where the employees clean out vacuum cleaners and wash dirty towels, is now behind closed doors.

Office After 1Lynn said the first person to apply for a job since we adjusted the Feng Shui, arrived in a SUIT! She was flabbergasted!

Lynn continued, “in all the years we have had this space, we’ve never felt like a business. NOW, the employees come in early, prepare for the day and sit around the table with their morning coffee. We are actually creating community. The employees asked if we could have a Holiday party here! That’s a first!! We have happier employees that feel respected, we have less turn over (even the corporate offices have noticed), we like being with each other, they are enjoying what they do more and we are growing faster than in the past three years.

“About a month later we did a Feng Shui session in their other offices in Parker. “Thank you so much. We love our new offices!!” Kindly, Lynn Given