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I have lived and worked in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Kentucky, New York State, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver and Seattle again!  There is gypsy in my Hungarian heritage!  

My business is spread far and wide! While I now reside in Seattle, WA, I consult with Feng Shui clients Nationally and Internationally via modern technology. My clients live in all 50 states of the US, England, Germany, Greece, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and my newsletter has traveled to South Africa, Egypt and Asia and maybe even to the moon.

What is a Skype Session Like?

I am always thrilled to travel to your location, or we may visit together for our session over Skype.

The only difference between an on-site session and an on-Skype session, is just one additional step. All of my clients complete the necessary paperwork and sketch the floor plan of their home/office.  And… xxxx

For long distance clients, I also ask that you email me pictures of every room of the home. Or a video as you walk through your home or office space.  The camera becomes my eyes! 

If you feel that I am your perfect Feng Shui practitioner, if you feel resonance with me and how I work and trust that I will offer you the support and love you need, then this extra step is a breeze with smart phones and iPads, all for the empowered result of a healthier home.  If I need to see more, you may easily show me with your lap top, phone, iPad or any other device during our session.

With just a little more planning, you too can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui even if you live in Alaska or Africa.

Read more about a Feng Shui Consultation with me, wherever you may be!

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