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Currently located in Los Angeles, Nicolette consults with Feng Shui clients Nationally and Internationally via modern technology.

What is a Skype Session Like?

skype-wallpaper-1024x768I have been fortunate to have the many opportunities to share Feng Shui with people in Europe and Australia, as well as all over the United States.  I am thrilled to travel to your location, or visit with you over Skype.

The only difference between an on-site session and an on-Skype session, is just one additional step. Everybody fills out the necessary paperwork and sketches their floor plan. For long distance clients, I also ask that you email me pictures of every room of the home. If I need to see more, you can easily show me with your lap top, phone, iPad or any other device.

So with just a little more planning, you too can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui even if you live in Alaska or Africa.  Read more about a Feng Shui Consultation with me, wherever you may be!


Inspired Living Feng Shui Services

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One Day Transformation

Designed for those who want a hands-on approach! I will help you implement practical Feng Shui solutions to help manifest your goals. This full day, 7 hour Consultation includes any and off all my services that will help create a dynamic, healthy home:  BTB Feng Shui Analysis, Property Assessment, Space Clearing, Blessings & Ceremony, Color Consult, Furniture and Art Placement, I-Ching Reading.

Nicolette Vajtay Professional Orangizer


This package is perfect for those who love to DIY. Onsite, or virtually via phone or Skype, our session will be you and me for 2 hours. We’ll zone into the heart of the matter while applying any one of my services best suited to get the job done. I’ll provide practical cures and adjustments that may be implemented right away, or when your time and budget allows that will help create a dynamic, healthy home.



The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth is an ancient oracle from China that offers wisdom and guidance.  When you request an I-Ching Reading you spend time with true ancient divination.  Ask a questions about life, relationship, wealth, health, or what is the energy around a certain project or business opportunity, and gain clarity about the next step, or even just the next moment.

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Ceremonies &

Ceremonies and sacred rituals are used to dissipate negative, stagnant or inauspicious energy around your home and property.  Once the negative energy has been cleared, blessings fill the space up with new intentions and auspicious chi.  Ceremonies and blessings are great when you have been feeling stagnant or ill, after a challenging life event, or prior to a happy occasion, and more.

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