Feng Shui Crystal Cures

In the ancient practice of Feng Shui, crystals represent the sun! They are wonderfully powerful cures that can heal different parts of the body, depending on the crystal structure and the energy it emits. They can enhance and uplift an area in your life by filling it with the life-giving, all-nourishing, ever-present, dynamic energy of the sun.

If you’ve had a session with me and I suggested a crystal as a dynamic cure, now you know where to get them! If you haven’t had a session yet, and would like a little boost in a particular area of your home, claim one of these beauties for yourself. 

Each leaded crystal is 40mm in size, with a line hand beaded by me to enhance specific energies in your home or office or anywhere you need some extra powerful uplifting energy. Hang crystals in a window, in a door way, to hide poison arrows, or anywhere you may admire it and remember you are blessed by the life giving energy of our glorious SUN!

Give these beautiful crystals as gifts to your family and friends, and especially to yourself.

$45.00 each

+ $8.00 for shipping and handling (no charge for hand deliveries)
Overseas shipping will be charged based on current postal rates

Since we’re not yet set up for E-commerce, email me your order, address and your intention and I’ll send a Pay Pal link (or Venmo).


Before I send out your crystal, I’ll chant over it with my blessing that your hearts desire be supported with love and grace. Please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Refer to the bagua to locate where to hang your crystal in your home. Where does you front door fall, in knowledge, career, or helpful people?
Then stand in your front door looking into the home to find your intended gua.

Purple: Hang in Wealth

The purple color represents a high vibration of energy which is why Kings and Queens often draped themselves in robes of purple. It is also known to be the color of our crown chakra, the energy vortex which opens our spiritual knowing and connects us to “heaven.” Purple is the most auspicious color on the spectrum, which you may use in the Wealth sector. However, purple is also a fire color, so only use it as an accent color in this area, to enhance the flow of abundance right to your wallet and bank account. And to inspire healthy giving and saving habits. Standing in your front door facing into the home, hang in the wealth sector, the back left section of the home.

Wood: Hang in Wealth or Family or Fame

The green and blue colors represent the WOOD element found in the Wealth and Family sectors of the home. The WOOD element symbolizes a tree, it’s strong roots which help us to stand strong and tall in our-self. Like a tree we want to remain flexible when crisis comes (and sometimes it comes, doesn’t it?), to bend with the wind and find grace filled solutions. To grow into new beginnings and reap abundance from your efforts and wisdom. Hang in the WEALTH sector, in the back-left area of the home to enhance an overflow of abundance. Or in the FAMILY sector, the middle-left of the home to enhance a rooted foundation of financial stability. In the constructive cycle of energy, hang in the FAME sector, to feed the FIRE energy, our inner light, the light that we shine out to the world. Enhance the FAME area to help you clearly see and boldly move into your future.

Pink: Hang in Relationship or Knowledge

PINK is the color for LOVE! We use this color to call in love or spark intimacy with your beloved. Pink is considered a softer fire color than red, so use pink if you would like to ease more gently into life’s changes. I feel it’s important to use a pure RED cure in FAME since the area is ruled by FIRE. If you are of a sensitive nature, this gentler pink energy would be perfect for you. Hang in the RELATIONSHIP area to stir up the passion of a relationship or fire-up your desire for an intimate connection and call in your beloved. Hang in KNOWLEDGE to light a fire under your butt, to enhance your self-reflection and self-empowerment, to know yourself dynamically and bring your whole fabulous self out into the world.

Fire: Hang in Fame or Relationship or Knowledge

The red color represents the dynamic FIRE element found in these areas of your home. Standing in the front door of the home, hang this crystal in FAME in the back middle area, to enhance the presence of your inner light, the light that you shine out to the world. We want to be seen, heard, and see clearly how to share our unique contribution with the world. To stir up the passion of a relationship, or fire up your desire and call in an intimate connection, hang this crystal in the back right of the home in the RELATIONSHIP sector. Hang in the bottom left corner in KNOWLEDGE to light a fire under your butt, to enhance your self-reflection and self-empowerment, to know yourself dynamically so you may bring your whole fabulous self out into the world.

Earth: Hang in Health or Relationship or Knowledge or Children or Helpful People

The yellow and brown colors represent the grounding EARTH energy found in many areas of the home: Health, Relationship, Knowledge, Children, and Helpful People. It’s comforting to know we naturally have this grounding energy all around us. Use this crystal to ground and stabilize your thoughts in Knowledge, to inspire new dreams and creativity in Children, for abundant well being in Health, and to enhance your connection to this beautiful Universe hang it in Helpful People. Children and Helpful People are both METAL energy areas, but on a constructive cycle of energy, EARTH creates METAL; a very good cure for these areas. Earth offers support to stand empowered, knowing you’re supported in life, in work, and creativity. Earth gives us a warm safe energy where you may risk being vulnerable and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. If you often feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or unwell, use this crystal in the center of the home, in the HEALTH sector to help in all areas of your life.

Metal: Hang in Helpful People / Travel or Children / Creativity or Career

The white and metal beads represent the METAL element found in these areas of your home. White represents the blank canvas on which you may create anything you desire. White also represents purity, and your “heaven” where we receive divine support.  Hang in CHILDREN, in the middle right of the home, to spark inspired and creative ideas, to encourage yourself to share your unique voice, or to support the lives of your children. Hang in HELPFUL PEOPLE, in the front right sector, to call in extraordinary support from the Universe, or to enhance your own ability to support others. Hang in CAREER, in the front center section, to create a constructive flow of energy, as METAL creates the WATER of your life path in CAREER.

Water: Hang in Career or Wealth or Family

The black color represents the WATER element found in these areas of your home. Without water there would be no life; it is a very powerful element found in our bodies and on the earth. Water thus represents the flow of our life path! The color BLACK represents the depth of the unknown and the all-ness of life, all colors together make black, which also represents what we know and what we don’t know and how we navigate the journey. On a constructive cycle of energy WATER feeds the WOOD element of WEALTH / FAMILY; think about how watering a tree nourishes and feeds and supports the tree. Hang in CAREER, in the front center section, to enhance the grace and flow in your life path, knowing you will have the knowledge and ability to move around or under or over or through any obstacle, just like water. Hang in WEALTH or FAMILY, in the back left and middle left areas, to feed the wood energy, to nourish your abundance and your rooted foundation. Watch your abundance flourish!