Need a Hand??

2020 was the most challenging year in my life.  Maybe for you too.  I personally had a difficult post-surgery healing, and then the isolation and fear of Covid, along with gray, wet winters in Seattle!  I decided I’m more of a sunshine girl.

Boy oh boy, who couldn’t!?!  Last year, I was so stuck!  So I moved across the country.  I’m back in Colorado!

No need for you to go through the chore of packing up your house, driving 1200 miles, and unpacking your stuff to shake it up again! 

It feels like we’re stuck in our personal version of Groundhog’s Day, doesn’t it?  Wish Bill Murray was hanging out with me. Now that would be FUN!  So how can we keep the good energy flowing and the giggles in our tummy too? Here are a few ideas I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  I hope one or two thoughts inspire you and help with your Covid isolation and frustration.  Keep on keeping on! 


Resting is extra important these days. The effort to manage life is so much more demanding. Try setting a time when electronics are turned off and when you start getting ready for bed. Electronics are a FIRE energy that stimulates our brain, just when we are trying to start relaxing.

Since so many of us are working from home, we might want to try to set office hours.  It’s so easy to check one more email.  Pick a time, leave the home office, shut the door, and play a board game with the kids or Words with Friends with your friend in Texas?  I usually crawl into bed around 8pm and read for an hour. Lights are out by 9pm for a good long night’s sleep before waking at o’dark thirty.  My rhythm is early to bed early to rise.  What’s your best rhythm? 


Check your bedroom.  Do you feel warm, cold, comfortable? Stressed? Is it messy? Is the bed placed well? See my YouTube video on bed placement here.  Do you have stuff under the bed?

Maybe a new duvet or new sheets can refresh the space?  Try bringing in elements that touch the five senses like a new scent – make sure you both love the smell. Try reading love poetry to each other, or erotica – anything but the newspaper. Single?  Now might be the perfect time to meet a great love.  Have you tried a dating app?  Covid will surely slow down the process of getting to know each other which might be a great new energy in your dating life.  I happen to like Meet Mindful where mindful living meets online dating!  


The sun is already returning to the sky, but it still gets dark early. Take a peek at your home inside and out… is it well lit?  Turning down the lights as you start settling in for the evening is another good way to inspire sleepiness. Are there any places where the home is extra dark?  What gua is that in – and does that reflect the energy where you might be feeling stuck? Try adding a new lamp, or cafe lights in the home for a festive feel. Even a night light keeps the energy flowing in those darker corners.  Here’s the night light I have that lights the bathroom so I don’t have to flip on the overhead too early in the morning.  


Do you have time to try a new recipe? I know I do! Found a great lemon garlic sauce for swordfish that I added to chicken.  YUM.  Maybe incorporate a special dessert one night a week to look forward to?  If you’re eating too much, maybe try a weight-loss app?  I recently lost 26 pounds on NOOM!  YES you read it right – TWENTY SIX pounds. Which means I really had some weight to lose!  I highly recommend it.  If you want a discount code, text me and I’ll send you a 20% off link: (303) 396-9211. I have to say, in a time when everything seems out of control, NOOM gave me the anchor of choice and empowerment.  


Maybe try something new. Maybe a watercolor painting class? Break out your pottery wheel? Knitting? Learn Chess – have you seen Queen’s Gambit on Netflix?  I’m taking a writing class on Monday nights, which has been the best thing I have done in a very long time. 

I know, I know, I’m all Zoomed out too, but this class, the teacher, and the fellow writers inspire me to keep doing something I love. And given today’s circumstances, it’s easy to dismiss things because it’s too easy to crash on the couch and watch another episode of Bridgerton… or two or three.  What’s your favorite show?  Mind you if crashing on the couch is what you need at the moment, then do that and call it good! 


If you need a major uplift of energy, overall support in all areas of your life, add a Feng Shui crystal to the center gua, your Health Center!  Every other gua touches the center sector, represented by the tai chi symbol, the perfect balance of yin and yang. By adding one cure, you touch every area of your home/life.

A couple more things I have been pondering for the past year … and incorporating into my own life to help balance my life while the chaos of the world churned around me.  Probably, nothing you don’t already know, but I hope you find a small inspiration:

1.  Do your best and call it a day. Sometimes your best is to take a nap rather than vacuum.  
2. Do one thing instead of a whole project.
3. If you’re going to the other side of the house, pick something up and take it with you. 
4. Nap when you need to nap.
5. Get outside if you can. Walk around the block, kick a ball with the kids, play volleyball with a beach ball, dance, build a snowman.  Even 20 minutes can infuse your lungs with a breath of fresh air and fresh energy.
6. Indoor workouts?  Get some weights and follow a YouTube video or a free workout app like NTC, the Nike Training Center. Have stairs in your house?  Walk up and down 5 or 10 times. Get in your steps. 
7. Feel stuck in a particular room of the house? Make sure it’s well lit and well organized. Dark rooms can make us feel like we aren’t moving forward. Take a few minutes a day to file paperwork, hang up clothes, wipe down the counter. 

If you’re falling asleep at your desk, open the window for a few minutes and take three deep breaths. Feeling particularly low in energy, try the Sunshine Buddha Meditation – an active meditation to infused the energy of the sun into your body.