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If you are here on my website, curious about the ancient practice of Feng Shui, you might be hoping to create a little better “something” in your life.  

There could be just one thing that isn’t flowing so well, maybe your relationship is on thin ice, or your creativity has dried up. Or it could be several things, like your career isn’t going so well so your finances are a bit challenged so you’re working extra hours so you don’t have time to create your new business or write your book and your spouse wants more time and the kids need you and friends are like “where did she go?” … and so on and so on. It’s all connected like a web. When one area of our life is weakened, it affects all areas of life.

You’ve also probably tried several other therapies and modalities to try to fix these problems, but maybe that isn’t sticking, either. You’ve tried to pray, manifest and attract the solutions into your life. And that is GREAT!  I’m a prayer, manifestor and attractor myself.

But unless you know the core issues that are affecting your thinking and thus your behavior, it may not get better.  The healing process is a … well… a process, and we have to take it one baby step at a time.  I’m glad your steps have led you here to the ancient principles of Feng Shui.




When you have an intentional environment around you, you create a dynamic, purposeful, meaningful life.  Let me show you how…


I am Nicolette Vajtay Seattle Feng Shui Expert specializing in this ancient wisdom, and my intention is to give you practical Feng Shui solutions so you may live in an environment that supports you in all ways.  

The best thing is, this practice is designed for every lifestyle. And for anywhere in the world. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Seattle. I will share theses powerful ancient principles with you over Skype.


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“Where do you not feel supported in life?”

The practice of Feng Shui incorporates 5,000 year old principles that help support you in all areas of life. 

I believe that we are always being affected by our environment (home, office, school, anywhere, everywhere?)  Are their fluorescent lights, do you have a window, is your back to the front door, are there too many bookshelves dominating a space, is the color uplifting or depleting your energy?

I believe the practice of Feng Shui is to observe how that environment is triggering your nervous system.  If you feel you need to protect yourself in a dangerous environment, to run or hide with fear, then your brain release chemicals into the body (adrenaline, cortisol, etc.), which are thankfully released to help you survive and get to safety. But in today’s environments we don’t need that kind of help – we’re not running from tigers or dinosaurs! But our modern day stresses may FEEL the same to the brain, and those chemicals will affect your mood, your thinking, your abilities, your creativity, your productivity … pretty much everything.

Your own home, the architectural design AND the placement of your beautiful decor, may be triggering your nervous system in harmful ways, and you don’t even know it.  Through years of study, I have been trained to recognize those triggers, and how they will affect you. Even better, I will offer you Energy Design Solutions to mitigate them. Wouldn’t it be delightful (and healing) to know that your home is triggering your nervous system to relax, rejuvenate, rest, connect, create, laugh, play, enjoy and so much more?

I like to think of Feng Shui as acupuncture for the home. When the chi is flowing through the body, the body is healthy. An acupuncturist will use needles to stimulate the body back to it’s innate healing process.  Thankfully I don’t use needles.  With Feng Shui, I will help you stimulate your environment by placing the furniture in an empowering position, painting a wall, clearing the clutter, adding intentional art, and so much more. Once you have an intentional environment and the energy is flowing through the home, you will feel more focused, present, creative, inspired, and open. You’ll be in a healthy home with a healthy nervous system so you can make good choices, see new opportunities, thrive in work and love, and create the life you so desire.

How may I support you in your own home or office for your most inspired life? 

I have several packages below, call or email me for a complimentary conversation.

I look forward to connecting!
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Inspired Living Feng Shui Services


Feng Shui

The VIP Transformation is designed for those who want a hands-on approach implementing ancient wisdom and practical Feng Shui solutions to help manifest your dreams and goals!

This All Day Consultation includes my BTB Feng Shui Property & Home Analysis, Blessings & Ceremony, Clutter Clearing, Color Consultation, Inspired Furniture Placement and Hanging Art Intentionally. 

Includes my personal preparation of your Feng Shui Life Plan and six hours on site with you adjusting one room at at time.

Do you have some clutter and chaos to move through?  Add a second day for a two-day Uber Transformation at $1500.

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Nicolette Vajtay Professional Orangizer

Feng Shui
Do It Yourself
$333 – $594

Currently our most popular packages, this service is perfect for those who love to DIY.

Onsite, or virtually via phone or Skype, our session includes 2-3 hours of my personal time analyzing your floor plan, researching Feng Shui cures that will be serve your personal needs, reviewing your questionnaire, and creating your Feng Shui Life Plan.

Then together we will explore the home for 1 or 2 hours, on site or over Skype.  We’ll focus on the heart of the matter and apply practical and powerful Feng Shui cures that are best suited to your personal needs.  Apply your cures right away, or when your time and budget allow.

One hour on site/Skype:  $333  *  Two hours on site/Skype:  $594

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Singing Bowl 2


With 30 years as a professional theatre actress, writer, and director, I am divinely comfortable in expressing my passion!  If you have a special event, a team building retreat, a spiritual workshop with your yoga community, church, or Meet-Up, I would be honored to share a dynamic, empowering, interactive presentation or workshop with your guests.

You may enjoy Feng Shui knowledge & tips for a quick 20-30 minutes, 1 -4 hours, a full day of hands on experiences, or on your radio program, podcast, television show, or for that magazine article.

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and Ceremony

Blessings shift the energy on your property and clear the energy in your space!

Bless your property with ceremony before breaking ground on your new home or building. Set powerful intentions by blessing the foundation of your new home and have the house built upon the highest vision of your lives. Before adding or knocking down a wall in a remodel, bless it. Bless moving in to your new home, welcoming a new member to the family, a marriage, a divorce, bless it all. Feeling al little stuck or sick, clear the energy of your home, clear its history of past poverty or illness or fighting, all with powerful Feng Shui Ceremonies.  

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Nicolette Vajtay Professional Orangizer

Feng Shui Parties
per person

Host a Feng Shui Party in your own home!  Invite 10 friends and receive a free consultation.  We will use your house in the workshop as everyone sips wine and nibbles snacks.

In this 3-hour intro to Feng Shui, you and your guests will learn all about the Feng Shui Bagua, the energy map of your home that shows you where the good energy is buzzing around and where the negative energy may be clogged up.  With a focus on the five elements.  Go home with lots of Feng Shui cures to implement right way.

10 person minimum   

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Singing Bowl 2

Feng Shui


Include one of many Feng Shui workshop at a meeting of coworkers, yogis, meet-up-ers, spiritual seekers, church goers, moms, fathers, designers, realtors… my Feng Shui workshops may easily be tailored to your needs and wishes, just ask.  

Workshops range from one hour to a full day, or a weekend filled to the rim, where you will learn Feng Shui cures and adjustments to help create the life you desire.

What is your greatest wish or need? To create more passionate loving relationships, welcome in more grace and flow, write your book, create your business, live and love in a more dynamic work spaces, enhance your health and wealth and happiness?  

Rates vary but on average $45 per person

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How may I support you in love and life with Feng Shui?

I have been referred to as the Practical Feng Shui Lady, I teach and work in a way that makes this esoteric art form FUN, tangible and easily accessible.  Feng Shui seamlessly integrates into any lifestyle.

My clients range from CEOs, Executive Producers, Growers, Pastors, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Actors, Writers, Artists, Moms, Dads, Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs working off their dining room tables (until I get there). Whatever your vocation, whatever your passion, I have an Inspired Living Feng Shui solution to support you in attaining your goals in a way that is meaningful and joyful to you!

When I’m not in Seattle, I can be found jet-setting to my second home town, Denver, Colorado, or back to Los Angeles, California. I love to travel and would be thrilled to come visit your city to consult and teach Feng Shui workshops. Or we can always meet, anywhere in the world, over Skype!

BTB Feng Shui, Property Assessment, Space Clearing, Blessings & Ceremony, Color Consult, Furniture and Art Placement, I-Ching Readings

Airfare & hotel are the responsibility of the client should you like me to travel to your city/state.  PS – I love to travel!

Our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers

My experience with Nicolette was nothing short of amazing. She has a gift for seeking out the best possible living situation for a person and their home. I love her enthusiastic and infectious positive energy as she knowingly, yet gently, relayed her wealth of information. I also have to say that in the past three days since, our phone has been ringing steadily with job offers! We haven’t even done all the work in our patio/wealth area yet either! Nicolette is a gift to anyone looking for a positive transformation in your home or office! ~ Laurel, Denver

How may I help you?  303.396.9211

Nicolette Najtay Inspired Living Feng Shui

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