Feng Shui Workshops Designed for any Lifestyle

One of my passions is sharing the magic of Inspired Living Feng Shui with others, so they may be inspired to incorporate Feng Shui into their personal lifestyle.

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OR ….

It is my pleasure to offer a FREE half-hour presentation to your organization on a specific topic, or a variety of workshops that range from one hour to a full day, immersing you and your guests in the ancient principles and power of Feng Shui.

Topics may include:

Feng Shui Basics, Feng Shui & Love, Wealth, Health, Family, Creative Expression, Career, Fame, Growing your Business, Inviting in Love & Sex, Creating your Dreams, Living your Passion & Purpose, Getting Organized and Clearing the Clutter!   Topics may be finessed to meet the needs of your special organization.

Or you may…

Host a Feng Shui Party in your own home, sip wine and nibble snacks with friends and family!


Integrate any Feng Shui workshop into your curriculum and offerings at:

  • your healing center
  • yoga or meditation center
  • spiritual/empowerment retreat
  • as an inspirational event in your corporate environment
  • grow during a MeetUp
  • be inspired with your church community
  • a way to gift your clients something new

Inspired Living Feng Shui Workshops

Feng Shui Classes/Workshops

Host a Feng Shui Event

In my Feng Shui workshops, which range from 1 hour to a full day or weekend, you will learn how Feng Shui may seamlessly be integrated into any lifestyle to create more passionate loving relationships, and creatively dynamic work spaces. Learn how to apply the wisdom of the Feng Shui Bagua to your environment to clear negative energy, and enhance your health, wealth and happiness.


3 Month Intensive Feng Shui Workshop

A Feng Shui Immersion Course

Join me for this 16-hour Inspired Living Feng Shui Immersion Program, where I will take you through the Nine Feng Shui energy values, their relationship in your environment, and how they influence your ability to manifest your dreams. You will learn how to neutralize and cure troubled areas while enhancing aspects of your life that are already pretty fantastic!


antique-chinese-coins cropped

The Feng Shui Wealth Cure

In this 4-hour Inspired Living Feng Shui workshop your guests will not only learn about the ancient Feng Shui Wealth Cure, but actually create one for their own personal use.  Similar to how one creates a vision board for their life, we’ll spend some time beautifying and uplifting the idea of prosperity.  This dynamic cure stimulates a new awareness and flow of abundance!


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