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One of my passions is sharing the magic of Inspired Living Feng Shui with others, so YOU may be inspired to incorporate Feng Shui into your personal lifestyle.

We don’t have any official workshops scheduled at this time *(as we just relocated to Seattle), but ….

I have numerous Feng Shui workshops, which range from 1 hour to a full day or weekend, where you will learn how Feng Shui may seamlessly be integrated into any lifestyle.

What is your desire? To create more passionate loving relationships, write, create, live and love in a more dynamic work spaces, enhance your health and wealth and happiness?  Something else?  I’d love to know what that is.

I would love to bring a Feng Shui workshop to your community of family, friends, coworkers, yogis, meett-up-ers, spiritual seekers, church goers, moms, fathers, designers, realtors… pretty much anyone and everyone may benefit from this ancient wisdom.  Feng Shui workshops may easily be tailored to your needs and wishes, just ask.



Inspired Living Feng Shui Workshops

Feng Shui Classes/Workshops

Host a Feng Shui Party
$45/person * min/max 10 guests

Invite 10 friends to sip win, nibble on snacks and to expand their minds with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. In this 3-hour Intro to Feng Shui workshop you and your guests will learn all about the Feng Shui Bagua.

The Feng Shui Bagua is the energy map that we lay on the floor plan of your home to learn where the good energy is buzzing around and where the negative energy is clogged up.

Each participant works on their own floor plan of their one home; you will learn how to lay the Bagua on your floor plan and locate the nine life energy values in your own home; with a focus on the five elements found in the home (and in Chinese Medicine); do you have missing energy or extra blessings in your home, and go home with many simple Feng Shui adjustments that may help you create an environment flowing with more love, success, happiness, wealth, creativity, and abundance in your life.

Email me with your interest.

3 Month Intensive Feng Shui Workshop

See Your Home With Feng Shui Eyes: Introduction to the Bagua
$45/person * 10 people min/max

Our most popular class; a 3-hour introductory course on the energy map of your home called the Bagua. In Chinese “Ba” means “8” and “Gua” means “image/picture.”  There are 8 images of yin/yang trigrams that reflect the energy in your home.

With this new awareness and information we may start mitigating negative energies and enhancing all the wonderful things that are already working really well. This workshop may be added to your wellness retreat curriculum, at a conference or workshop too!

Each participant will work on their own floor plan during this dynamic class, with a focus on the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) – the same elements used in Chinese Medicine. You will go home with dozens of cures to implement right away.

Email me with your interest.

antique-chinese-coins cropped

The Feng Shui Wealth Cure
$99/person * minimum 10 students

In this 3-hour workshop your guests will not only learn about the ancient Feng Shui Wealth Cure, but actually create one for their own personal use.  Similar to how one creates a vision board for their life, we’ll spend some time beautifying our prosperity pig!

This dynamic cure enhances a new awareness, new excitement and new flow around your abundance.  Let’s stimulate our own economy!  This Wealth Cure is beneficial when encountering financial difficulties, or during good times to further enhance your financial situation. As you participate, you may better understand how money flows to you and through your life, and what money means to you and others.

Please book this workshop at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

All creative art supplies are provided.  Email me with your interest.

Feng Shui Immersion Courses
$36 per person  *  10 people minimum

Or $225/person for a full immersion of all nine classes
Taught weekly or monthly or at your weekend retreat; anywhere!

A series of nine 2-hour workshops to delve deeply into the principles of Feng Shui an how they specifically relate to your home/office and your life.  Host one workshop or invest in all nine at your retreat, book store events, meet ups, corporate wellness programs, and/or in the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are, Feng Shui is flowing.

Each of the nine energies are found in the home: Family, Wealth, Health, Helpful People and Travel, Children and Creativity, Knowledge, Fame, Career and Relationship – and each sector relates to a different area of your home. In this series of immersion class, we’ll address one sector at a time, and learn how it pertains to a room in your own home. Each guest will be inspired with dozens of cures that they may start integrating right away.

The Wealth Gua
& The Kitchen


The Wealth Gua pertains to the overflow of our abundance in life, not just of money, but of opportunities, ideas, friends, wellness and more. Learn how the kitchen and particularly the stove are the symbols of wealth in the home.

The Fame & Reputation
Gua & The Office


The Fame Gua pertains to the mark we leave on the planet, our personal light that shines out into the world.  What do you want to be remembered for?  The office is the place where we create the vision for our lives.  See how healthy Feng Shui in these areas help you live the best life now and in the future.

The Relationship Gua
& The Master Bedroom


Our relationship with our beloved is reflected in the Relationship Gua (the back right part of the home) as well as the Master Bedroom. See if your bedroom is supporting a thriving, passionate relationship or depleting the energy, connection and communication between you.

The Family Gua
& The Dining Room


The Family gua represents all of our needs being met, shelter, food, clothing, and a solid foundation so that we may grow, bend in the wind, and thrive. The dining table reflects our long term financial investments and how we nourish ourselves. See how the two areas compliment the energy of stability and rooted living!

The Health Gua
& The Center of the House


The center of the house is where we find true balance and wellness. The center touches each of the 8 guas, thus being in balance is finding harmony in all areas of life. Learn about the biggest Feng Shui problems in the center of that house that may drain and deplete your life source energy.

The Creativity / Children Gua
& The Den


In the Creativity gua we are blessed with the extra energy to create and birth children and art and books and new ideas and a new business too. See how the den or spare room or your art studio also has this same energy in creating playful expressions of our hearts desires. As well as learning to speak up for what you need and want.

The Knowledge Gua
& The Living Room


Do we truly know and listen to that inner guidance that tells us everything is unfolding perfectly in our Divine Universe?  The Knowledge gua is where we can get still like the mountain and invite the energy of the Universe to stick around for a while. Hence your living room. Welcome in friends, family and opportunities to have a seat and get comfortable.  See how the two areas compliment your delicious Feng Shui.

The Career Gua
& The Front Door


Our career or life path gua is influenced by the water energy, the flow of energy and life source and abundance.  W welcome this energy into our homes from the front door. Look at the main issues at the front that keep the delicious energy of our Universe blocked, thus creating challenges in our businesses, communication, home life and more.  The front door is the most important architectural design feature of our home; let in the flow!

The Helpful People / Travel Gua
& Art in the Home


Being a helpful person in the world is a huge gift; being able to receive support and love may be an even greater gift. Learn how to invite in love from your God, from the Universe and from the community around you, and how to share the same. This are is our connection to the Divine energy of the Universe. And to round out all the workshops, take a look at your artwork and really see what energy you have invited into your home.

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