Love & Feng Shui 6: Can I have pictures of my amazing adorable kids in the bedroom?

"Is it okay to have pictures of my amazing children in the bedroom?" They're so cute, so cuddley, so funny ... so needy, so demanding, so exhausting! Are you ready for your next Feng [...]

Feng Shui & Love 1: Whats the best bed placement for sleeping and loving!

Feng Shui & Love:  Bed Placement I've been thinking lately, about the many reasons why my clients call me for a Feng Shui session.  Can you guess what worry, fear, issue I hear about the [...]

Look Up! Are You Under a Beam?

Look up. What do you see? Hopefully a flat ceiling. In Feng Shui, overhead beams may be beautiful, but energetically they just cause trouble. Guillotine trouble! Especially if you are working or sleeping under it [...]

doTerra Deep Blue Rub Essential Oil

Essential Oil for aches and pains this summer! After tearing down the ivy from your home (see my Feng Shui video on the affects of IVY), or hours in the garden this summer, or fun [...]

Sports Injury Massage Therapist, Lynne Godsey

I love it when I come across "something good!" I had the single most worst pain I have ever had in my wrists, elbows and arms, from repetitive motion, using a poorly set up computer. [...]

Tips to Cure the Notorious Bathroom

I LOVE my bathroom. Don't you? I recently had my bathroom remodeled and I am so pleased with the final results. We had been thinking about redesigning our bathroom for some time and it feels [...]

A Wealth Leak Fixed

Keep Your Wealth in Your Home My client Adriana just moved to Maryland, and is juggling a new home business, a two month old baby, a two year old, a husband, and her own fulfillment.  [...]

Blocked doors, blocked Feng Shui!

Blocked doors, blocked Feng Shui! My client called this room the DEAD ROOM! Yikes! Its an extra living room that she just doesnt know what to do with. She has a separate dining nook and [...]

Feng Shui Tips to Enhance the Children Gua

Feng Shui Tips to Enhance the Children Gua Find the Children gua in your home and apply these Feng Shui Tips for greater self expression! Imagine stretching a nine square grid equally over the floor [...]