Blessings and Ceremonies
$150 per hour

Nicolette Vajtay Feng Shui Expert

Blessings shift the energy on your property and clear the energy in your space! I find them to be absolutely essential to clear old heartaches, injuries, and old beliefs. They are also a great way of removing any negative energy that may be in your house, especially if it is an old house with plenty of previous owners. Even if there were no previous occupants, you may still want to bless your new property and clear the energy of the builders from the walls and floors.

Bless Ground Breaking on a New Property

Bless your property with ceremony before breaking ground on your new home or building.

Bless Your Foundation

Set powerful intentions by blessing the foundation of your new home and build the house upon the highest vision of your lives.

Bless Your Remodel

Before adding or knocking down a wall in a remodel, bless it. Any remodeling is like a trauma to the skeleton of the home. Lets make sure that trauma is healed so you don’t have any lasting effects.

Bless Moving into Your New Home

New home, new life, new intentions! Start your new chapter with a powerful blessings.

Bless & Welcome a New Family Member

Bless A Marriage

Bless A Divorce

Bless The Mess

Feeling a little stuck or sick? A blessing can help clear the energy of your home, clear your old beliefs, clear that energy of not being able to move forward, clear its history of past poverty or illness or fighting! Bless it all!