What is a Blessing Ceremony?

Bless your home with Nicholette VajtayThe Exterior Chi Adjustment Blessing is a sacred ritual used to dissipate negative, stagnant or inauspicious energy around your property. This energy is the manifestation of the “yin” energy which is the empty, the void, the dark, and that energy is always trying to fill itself up, so it continues to drain the energy of your property and the chi of those living in the home.

This is a powerful ritual when moving into a new home, to clear out old energy from past occupants, and to bless the property of your new home (or business). This blessing also supports your highest well being should you have less than desirable neighbors or poison arrows directed toward your home. Another powerful practice would be to perform this ceremony before you start construction, whether a new build or a remodel. We’ll clear the old energy while planting new seeds of opportunity.

What is a Space Clearing/Interior Blessing?

If the energy of your home or the energy of life feels stagnant, a House Blessing will clear away the negative, yin chi from inside the home, and enhance the space as you set powerful new intentions. A House Blessing is a wonderful ritual when purchasing a new home, a grand opening of a new business, after an illness or death in the home, or after a conflict or stressful event. It’s especially useful if you are moving into a foreclosed upon house, to clear out the old occupant’s energy and claim the home as yours!

Moreover, the purpose of the House Blessing is to set new intentions, to benefit all within the environment and to raise the chi of the space. We’ll invite in new energy and set powerful intentions in all Nine-Life Values: Family, Wealth, Health, Helpful People, Children, Knowledge, Fame, Career and Marriage. In some instances, all you need is a House Blessing to start changing the energy in your life!

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