The Benefits of Organizing

Nicolette Vajtay on the benefits of organizingClutter, or disorganization is like a road block of obstacles, and negatively affects our nervous system so much, it may push you out of the room you expressly created as an office, studio or healing space. Now you’re working on the kitchen table or on the couch with the lap top on your lap.  This is the least professional way to build a business, and reach up to your highest potential.

Getting organized helps create a harmonious and inspired environment so you may live, breathe and actually create what you are here to do on the planet. If you can move out of the overwhelm and paralysis, you can move forward in life, make room for new opportunities, new inspirations and a new vision for your family, your career, your passion and your purpose!

I integrate all of my Feng Shui knowledge in our organizing sessions, but I do encourage a full Feng Shui analysis before we start the organizing project. Without knowing where the energy is in the “whole” space first, could mean our time together would be like shifting the deck chairs around on the Titanic. Okay, that’s extreme… but you get the idea.   Feng Shui sets the plan for creating an energetically organized and radiant home.

Once we have a complete and clear understanding of the highest vibration of your space, and where the blocks are physically, emotionally and mentally, THEN we dive in to create systems that works for you, address what you no longer need, and learn how to let go of the what you don’t need, to make room for the new.

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