Feng Shui & Love:  Bed Placement

I’ve been thinking lately, about the many reasons why my clients call me for a Feng Shui session.  Can you guess what worry, fear, issue I hear about the most?  What desire many of my clients are yearning for?   It’s true, wee can all use a little support in our careers, health issues, and inspiring creativity, but most of my clients want support in creating a romantic, loving relationship.  Even more than wealth.  Which happens to be the number two topic.

I understand, because in my heart, I too want love and connection more than I want or need money.  Even when I am wealthy but I don’t have love, my life is not as full as I know it could be.  Or, I could be working hard at my wealth, but when I have a great love supporting and encouraging me, somehow I know it’s all going to work out. Sharing my life with someone makes me feel rich.

New Blog / Video Series!


So, to support you in creating the love you so desire, or enhancing the love you already have, I have created a new blog and video series on Love & Feng Shui, specifically by looking at the Feng Shui of the master bedroom.  Read the blog below or enjoy the video version to the left.

The master bedroom is the room that is associated with relationship to your spouse, partner, beloved, and inviting in love, intimacy and connection.​  I have a bunch of new tips for you; there is a lot to learn! Don’t worry, I’ll send you one tip at a time ​so you don’t get overwhelmed.   Implement that one change right away, and within just a few months, you’ll be swimming in delicious new energy.  When you put all ​these new tips together, you will have some really empowering information.

Let’s Get Started

Where you place your bed ​is probably the most important thing to consider for a healthy relationship.  Because where you place your bed will affect how you sleep.  And how you sleep will affect how you wake up in the morning, and​ how you ​live your day.  When we don’t get enough sleep,  or if we don’t feel rested when we wake up, even after 8, 9 or 10 hours of sleep,​ we ​may not ​be ​our best sel​f.  ​And on whom do we most often take out our stress and frustration?  Yup.  The people we love the most, because they live the closest to us!  Lucky them!



If you haven’t yet experienced Tapping or EFT, a practice of tapping on acupressure points while clearing anxiety and negative belief patters, this will a treat.  Tap along with Brad Yates on SLEEP!  I love him.  He’s so knowledgeable and so cute.  I do a tapping script with him most every day on any given topic!  Feng Shui & Tapping work beautifully together.  ENJOY!

The healthiest placement of your bed, is​ ​with your headboard against a solid wall  – you do have a headboard right?  ​Watch for the blog about the importance of a headboard​!!  Position the headboard on a wall, so that you can see the door from the bed, but not be in alignment with the door.

This healthy placement is called being in “command position.” You are tucked in and protected, and can ​literally and metaphorically ​see what energy is coming toward you. And if you can see what opportunities are coming toward you, you can make healthy decisions on how you want to move forward in your life.

This bed is Out of Command. Your back is to the door which means you can’t see what’s coming your way. You may feel like things are going on behind your back, and you may feel left out. You may also be surprised with news and it seems like it always sneaks up on you. How can you connect with that kind of stress?

This is another healthy command position. Depending on where your windows and closets are, image one and two are healthy bed placements. Can you feel how facing the door puts you in a power position? You can also fully enter the room without any obstacles in your way, including not bumping into the bed.

This position is super unhealthy and something you would hope to avoid, if you can. In this position, the bed is too close to the door. Fast moving energy rushes through doorways and if that aggressive energy crosses over your body while you’re sleeping,you may begin to feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, even sick.

So if you feel you ​are ​struggling in your relationship ​AND you happen to have poor bed placement –  one feng shui cure that can help you connect more with your beloved​, and just sleep better and wake up healthier every morning,​ is to move the bed into command position.

​​​Yup it’s that easy.  ​Is your bed in command position?  ​If you do move your bed, please post a before and after picture on my Facebook Page @ Inspired Living Feng Shui and let us all know how you feel.  Feel free to post questions there, too!!

Next Steps

This one cure will help tremendously, but it may not solve all of your relationship issues.  There could be other architectural problems in the home, and/or personal, emotional and spiritual issues affecting your relationships.  If you’d like to take a look at what else may need to be addressed so you can live your best life, email me and we’ll have a complimentary conversation.

When we create an intentional environment, we make space for dynamic intimate relationships!  Wishing you romantic, sexy, satisfying love!

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