10 Tips to Instantly Improve The Vitality in Your Space

Feeling sluggish? Try any one of these ten tips to improve the vitality in your space, by my friend and fellow Feng Shui Practitioner Catherine Hilker

Does your space need a little boost to get things moving? Do you sense your chi is more sluggish than usual? Are you finding it difficult to get motivated? Are you procrastinating? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to boost the vitality in your space with the following suggestions:

1. Nothing makes chi sparkle more than a freshly cleaned space using non-toxic cleaners.

2. Regularly purge! In addition recycle, and donate unused clothing, furnishings, appliances, pantry items, linens, magazines, toys, etc. If you’re not using it, it causes chi to come to a screeching halt!

(If you need help, ask for it! Call Leigh Dyer at In Dire Need Professional Organizing. Make the commitment to get organized. Tell her I sent you!!)

3. Briefly open all windows and doors. There’s no substitute for fresh air.

(Especially here in Colorado with the crisp winter air… move out some of the stuffy air from heating the home all day.)

4. Get rid of negative images. Remove any photos, art, paintings, and sculptures that produce negative memories or feeling within you.

(Look at your artwork carefully. But don’t tell someone what you think of their artwork which may raise their vibration, even if it lowers yours. You don’t have to live in their home. This area is subjective.)

5. Add live plants. Get rid of dead or dying plants, and replace silk plants with the real thing.

(Really good silk plants can be okay, but if it’s dead… it’s dead! Get it?)

6. Regularly display fresh flowers. Give yourself a lovely greeter when you enter your space with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

(My favorite local florist in Lakewood, CO is Higher Power Flowers… tell George I sent you!)

7. Light a candle! Use candles that are scented with pure essentials oils and made with real beeswax.

(Go crazy and take a bath in candlelight on a gray and dark Tuesday morning).

8. Add your favorite scents to your environment. Pure essential oils and high quality incense add a variety of qualities based on your selection.

9. Play inspiring music! A room filled with beautiful music is very enlivening (or soothing, whatever you need!).

10. Use full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum lighting is as close to natural sunlight as you can get.

(I love my Happy Light! It helps boost my energy on those dark winter days.)