The Feng Shui of a Desk in a Doorway

My client has this beautiful office with a large wrap around desk and filing system all at her fingertips. She has lots of space all around her to move around and make things happen. Great, right?

Not according to Feng Shui. Her desk is in alignment with the door of her office which means she is in the direct flow of Sha Ch’i or “cutting energy.”

Energy likes to meander, to flow gracefully in and around the nooks and crannies of the Universe. When you force energy into a straight line, for example through a door, it starts to move really, really fast and can be a negative influence on your health and well-being. And in this case, for my client’s business as well.

Sitting in an energy where you are getting blasted by negative energy day in and day out will wear on you and eventually start to affect your business.

Rearranging the furniture to remove her from the doorway gives her a whole new perspective. She is no longer in that cutting energy and she is also no longer pushed up against a wall. So many more opportunities can come her way (she is ROCKING IT!) as she is now in the command position of her office. She can see which way she is moving in her business and what energies are coming toward her.

I would suggest a small plant on the corner of the desk, “a poison arrow” in Feng Shui, to mitigate the sharp energy.