Spring Loving (after the Feng Shui Spring Cleaning)!

Now that the house and the energy in the house are as clean as a spring breeze, it’s time to dream about Spring Love!

I did a reading from the I-Ching the other day, asking a question about “relationship.” I am single again and am always curious about the energy of relationship around me.

I threw the six coins and got the tri grams (3 coins each) of Tui over Tui or Lake over Lake. “Lake” falls in the Children gua of the Feng Shui Ba-Gua… and the word for the six coin hexagram was JOYOUSNESS, just like children! I like that!

The I Ching says: this hexagram “… represents one who acts with receptivity and gentleness but who holds to firm principles within.”

My interpretation: Be gentle and receptive like a woman, but don’t lose yourself in relationship. Which I have done in the past… why is that so easy to do?

I Ching: “Most people think that life without so called “joy and “pleasure” is boring and worthless, but pleasure is actually as elusive as a shadow. If one tries to catch it, it no longer exists…”

Fascinating huh? I think a relationship will bring me joy and pleasure… but will it? Maybe. I do know that wanting it so badly actually pushes it away. I just create more wanting!

I Ching: “Learning what compromises true joy and happiness is real spiritual evolution.”

True joy is living my life to the fullest just for me. I got it so clearly not to pine or whine, yearn, wish, nor desire … what a waste of time! I will spend the time doing what I love, becoming more of myself and truth be told, he will show up sooner because I will know who I am! He will fall in love with me being in love with my life. OR, he may not show up but I’ll still be in love with my life!

I Ching: “People who seek happiness from others, or only to please others, will never discover their fountain of joy within.”

Ancient wisdom for a modern world!!