Raise your Chi with your Wardrobe!

One warm Saturday evening this August, my friend Jada was having her engagement party, and I almost didn’t make it. I had gained some weight and lost some weight, gained some back and lost a little, but not as much. I used to love roller coasters when I was a kid, but this is a ride I wish I could get off of forever. It’s making me sick. The dress I thought I would wear didn’t fit as I had taken it in two summers ago when I was a size 6 (and starving myself) and now I was back to a size 8 but at least eating! I didn’t realize any of this until an hour before I had to leave when I tried the dress on and the zipper wouldn’t move up around my double D’s. UGH! I know, the men love the double D’s but in this moment I wished I were a simple C cup.

I tried on eight things and nothing fit. Every single one of those things went into my Goodwill bag. Somehow I pieced together a summer top and a pair of white pants, grateful that it was a backyard celebration and not something at the Hyatt! I felt ashamed that I had to safety pin the pants together as I had popped the button the last time I wore them. I held back the tears (mascara runs faster than a pair of panty hose), I curled my hair, reapplied the makeup and convinced myself that an evening celebrating love will be all worth it.

And it was!!! There was a back yard full of fabulously funny and alive people, delicious foods and a full bar. My blouse hid the safety pin and no one would ever have to know that I literally pieced myself together to be there. Much to my sheer shock and awe, not only did they announce their engagement, but my sassy friend Jada stepped onto the back patio in her white dress and surprised us all by marrying the love of her life that evening! I cried more tears of joy for my friend, and a few tears of sadness that I almost missed this precious moment because I didn’t have anything to wear.

My weight goes up and down… and I hope will stay down as I become more conscious and loving of myself, but what I needed most of all is a wardrobe that travels with me on the road of life. The next day I walked down Tennyson Street, discovered the store I was looking for was closed, then accidentally discovered Kat’s Eye Boutique. It was here where I met Kat, a stunning woman and owner of this sweet space, whose passion it is to help women know their beauty no matter what size they are. We shopped and laughed over chilled water, and she helped me match classic new pieces with second hand pieces, colors and patterns with solids and blacks, and of course the jewelry! She’s 5’8” or taller and a size zero … but with her huge heart and gorgeous eye, she dressed my green-with-envy 5’3″ curves making me feel just as gorgeous! Even the double D’s wanted to go out for a night on the town.

She helped me raise my own personal chi, which is the Feng Shui energy, or the life force energy I walk with in the world for all to see. If I am feeling vibrant and alive and beautiful, the world must respond in like! I am so grateful and can’t wait to share this amazing woman and this wonderful store with you!