Feng Shui of Packing and Moving – While Staying Still

I didn’t buy, but I did move on March 31st and celebrated my April 1st birthday in my sweet new home! It was a day of miracles with dear friends who unpacked my house in one day and then celebrated my new beginning with delicious food, cocktails and gifts. What a day!! Their good energy is swirling all around my new home!!!

It wasn’t easy getting to the move date. I seemed to have stirred up A LOT of energy. Just consider the act of packing up a house… especially all that stuff that’s been stagnant and collecting dust in the closets. And now think about the packed boxes stored around the house for a week or two in preparation for the move blocking delicious ch’i. Fellow Feng Shui Practitioner Diana Ceres offered me her Nine Feng Shui Tips on Packing. I followed them to a tee!

Image one particularly challenging morning I woke up with a knot in my back and a headache, but I had things to do. I consulted the I-Ching about what actions I could take that day to best support my move and the reading was Mountain Over Mountain. Or pretty much KEEP STILL!

That’s TWO mountains so the message is doubled… it pretty much means, stay in bed, watch a movie and don’t try to achieve anything important.

What? Keep still when I’m trying to pack up my apartment?? Not possible. The I-Ching also pointed out that the “backbone indicates stillness and peacefulness … thus it is associated with the stillness of a mountain. The vertebrae of the spine can be compared to the ridges along a Mountain peak, the correct position of each vertebrae along the spinal ridge being essential to the serenity of the whole.” Nothing like a knot in your back to make you be still. But I was determined!

And then I remembered, the I Ching states: “since we do not know when to stop unnecessary activity, we continue to follow overly active desires and thus our organs and senses eventually become exhausted.” And I did feel exhausted, to the point of tears, so my friend Cindy parked us on the front porch for a chat.

My teacher Adyashanti says, “most of our efforts to control things are actually means of trying to manage our fear.” Everything was moving along nicely, but I was still afraid… of what? Not sure? The extra rent? The bigger place? Adyashanti says we are afraid of just letting life move in it’s own way so we have to measure rooms to make sure everything will fit. “Instead of experiencing the fear, I will try to control life.”Image

Cindy helped me relax in the beautiful way she has of listening and understanding and assuring. We sat in the hot sun on the porch for about half an hour talking and wouldn’t you know it, the postman walked by. His name is Ron and he answered a question for me that was on my to-do list. Check! About 10 minutes later, a woman from Comcast walked up and said there was new high speed internet in the hood and did I need internet access? Did I? I’m attached to the internet with an umbilical chord. She asked if she could sign me up and bring a modem by on move in day? Check check!

What an amazing experience to rest and be still (ish) for half an hour and have two tasks on my list taken care of by them coming to me!

“Stillness of mind brings about clarity and brightness. When one’s mind is disturbed, inner energy is unsettled and peace is difficult to achieve. To continue to tackle the problem is a waste of energy and serves only to create distress.”

I hear you oh wise I-Ching and will never doubt you again!