Feng Shui Balance? Schmalance!!

Does it seem like you work all the time?!  Me too!!  Seeing clients, networking, teaching, marketing, newsletters, blogging, status updating, tweeting, videos, OH MY!!

Even though my schedule was already chock full, over Memorial Day weekend nine Feng Shui practitioners, all mentees of Katherine Metz’s Mentorship Program, met for the first time to facilitate a shared mission and vision, to create a beautiful room using Feng Shui principles, in Santa Rosa for a Habitat for Humanity home.

190You can see a video of images that Feng Shui Practitioner Nancy Dadami (from Pleasant Hill, CA) put together as we painted, hammered, sewed, ironed, wired, adjusted and readjusted, for three long days!  Feel free to review all the elements we pulled together or skip ahead to the 7 minute mark to see the putting together of the final results (pictured below!).  It was truly transformational, taking an empty room and creating beauty.
Mia Staysko, Feng Shui Practitioner in Calgary, Canada, wrote a beautiful blog, A Kindness Project on her experience with our project, and how to stay balanced especially in a group setting:

Flexible chi is essential, especially when working in groups. Recognize your own strengths and be sure to speak up when you are absolutely certain that you have something of value to add.
Ceremony is essential. Each of us plays a part. You need a touch of male energy when you have a group of females.

When we do an act of service, Feng Shui Grandmaster Lin Yun suggests it’s best that it be a win-win for both parties.  Unfortunately, my ch’i was totally out of balance.  I was giving and giving and giving and not asking to be fed…  which was my responsibility to ask for what I needed and I didn’t.
Sometimes when I get into “service” mode, I stop taking care of me and sooner than you’d think, I was depleted.

So I took June off, no newsletter, no website updates, no studying, no reading, no blogging, tweating or anything else-ing!

Instead, I drank in the beautiful Colorado sunshine, sharing a steep trail in Loveland with dear friends and frisky four leggeds and snacked in a spot that looks just like heaven!

Now I was being fed, body and soul!

The practice of Feng Shui helps us find the balance of the energies in our lives so you aren’t pulled or pushed in one direction but can incorporate work with whimsy, networking with naps, friends with focus, and love with ‘lone time.

I find that my life can lean significantly in the all-work-and-no-play-mode, and that makes Jack and Nicolette a very dull person.  How about you?  Are you feeling in balance or out?  Are you playing and drinking too much this summer at festivals and outdoor concerts?  Or are you working it, meeting new people, updating the website, getting out there, making it happen??

I saw this beautiful quote from Abraham Hicks this week:

“It’s not your work to MAKE anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen.  In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction.”  ~ Abraham

I immediately pasted into my Focused Unlimited Extraordinary Life vision notebook/journal by Trish Gibbons Moore.  (Trish is a personal friend… if you want one, connect with her on LinkedIn or let me know and I’ll connect you!)  I review my goals and intentions, but especially my dreams every morning as part of my practice to stay balanced.

When I get clear, deep in my soul on the extraordinary joy of what I want to be when I grow up, and how I want to spend the hours of my day, LIFE shows up.

Last week, I put a picture of a gentleman (that I had done some work with three years ago) into my FUEL vision notebook.  I have a project in mind and want to do it with him (or someone like him or someone better)!  The very next day we were re-connected through mutual friends and had our first meeting last week!  The Universe was conspiring on my behalf even before I glued his picture down. All I did was connect with my joy of the project and it’s already in motion.  Which brings me even more joy!!

So to balance out the four planets I have in Aries, making me want to get out there and strategize and start new projects, with the three planets in Virgo that wants to make sure everything is in order and organized to a T, I am adding in some joy.  I started rock climbing classes last Tuesday and horseback riding class starts next Monday.  You’ll see by my credit card statement that Groupon and I are BFF’s.

While I try to keep them short, this long ass blog is way out of balance … my excuse is that I didn’t write one for June and I feel I had to get it all out right now!!   I’ll work on that for next month!

If you got this far, I wish you a great summer!  Keep it balanced, keep it healthy and keep in touch (with your heart and with me)!

Feng Shui Practitioners at our Habitat For Humanity Project are:

Cindy Garreton, Portland
Nancy Dadami, Pleasant Hill
Helen McGee, Santa Rosa
Mia Staysko, Calgary
Diana Ceres, Austin
Lorna Lyons, Honolulu
Katherine Metz, Kenwood

and me, in beautiful Denver, Colorado