Commencement: New Beginnings

Commencement … it means “a beginning; a start.” I love that we call graduation commencement. Of course it’s not an ending as these now graduated students start a new phase in life. Along with bursting buds on trees and dancing flowers, graduations are being celebrated at universities everywhere; one more acknowledgment that spring is filled with new beginnings.

In Feng Shui, the season of Spring is represented by the FAMILY gua in the ba-gua. Standing in your front door facing into the home, that is the middle left area of the home. The element is wood, the color for wood is green and the element that feeds wood is water! The Family gua also represents the East, where new days are born every 24 hours.

Hoping to start something new? A new career? A new relationship? Writing a new book or blog? Adjust the energy in your Family gua by placing a specific cure of what you want to manifest in your life. If you’re writing a book, or have a description of the dream job, set your intention, pray on the cure and display it proudly in the Family area of the home! Maybe you frame the title of your new book and hang it here. Or frame the job description so you may read it everyday to inspire your search.

And like Spring turning into Summer, wood feeds the fire of summer which is represented in the FAME area of the ba-gua. When standing in the front door facing into the home, the Fame area is in the back middle part of the home.

The Fame area is about your light that you shine into the world, or your personal flame, fire, intention, passion! Set your new beginnings intention in the Family gua and allow it to burn brightly in the Fame gua.

This is a great place to set your goals each morning. Envision living your dream today, so you can leave your mark and be remembered for your passion and light!Of course making sure the Family and Fame guas are clean, organized, set up in command position, no poison arrows or depleting energy, which all helps boost the energy for dynamic new beginnings and empowered passions.
~ Nicolette