Changing a Nursery Into An Office with Feng Shui

Now that Renee’s daughter is five and has a big girl bedroom, Renee is in the process of creating a new office space in the old nursery. At first attempt, she pushed her desk up against the wall, with her back to the door, thus not being able to see any of the energy coming toward her. Admittedly she also never opened the blinds, not in her office nor to any window in the whole house.

We moved the desk to the power position in the room where she could see the door and thus she was no longer “pressed up against a wall.” She actually has some room to breathe now and expand into her home business! Since her office falls in the Career area of her home, which is represented by the element Water, Renee is going to add a fountain in a corner of the room for her career to flow more freely, rather than “pushing and efforting” through the work.

I also suggested a small plant to hang down and cover the edge of the desk near the recliner. This will cure the poison arrow of that pointy edge so s he won’t feel attacked when reading in her favorite chair.

A fresh coat of paint removed any of the remaining “baby” energy so she can really step into a professional home business. The off white butter-cream color represents metal which creates water, creating a constructive cycle of energy. Opening the blinds lets in so much light and new energy. That’s why we had to try and make sure that we found the perfect window shutters for the room, to allow the right amount of light and energy to come through. She promised to try to open the blinds more often throughout the house! Shutters might’ve been a good option for this office also, so the light can be controlled by each individual shutter. This might make a difference in any office, being able to adjust the light coming in through the window may help to provide a better working environment. This was such an easy fix and I heard a few days later from a mutual friend that she “just loves her office!” A second hand compliment is always the best kind!