Blocked doors, blocked Feng Shui!


My client called this room the DEAD ROOM! Yikes!

Its an extra living room that she just doesnt know what to do with. She has a separate dining nook and living room on the other side of the house, so what do you do with this room? Its beneficial to find a unique purpose for every room in the house.

Any room you label a dead room will in fact become nothing but dead energy. The room is very dark and the dog beds block the back door, a door she never uses. Blocking any door or window is blocking opportunities.

Harmony-Room-after-200x200My client is a Reiki Practitioner and now she calls this room her Harmony Room where she will help others create harmony in their lives through the healing practice of Reiki! A sweet shade of yellow anchors earth energy and brightens the room, while one terracotta wall adds some spice! The room feels amazing!