Are You A Feng Shui Fire Person?

Fire people like Feng Shui cures that are exciting, spontaneous, passionate, and dramatic.Fire people appreciate performance, intellect, humor, warmth, delight, intimacy, and excitement.Fire people may have difficult with confusion, unwanted or unexpected events, dullness, plainness, inactivity, or separation.The heart of a Fire person encourages communication and contact, the perfect opportunity for an exciting, dramatic, and extraordinary fusion of thoughts and ideas.

The Feng Shui Consultant must find the Fire that burns within even when they don’t feel their fire. They must show up with enthusiasm, joy, laughter, and a considerable amount of lightness, even though the concerns may be serious.
With four planets in Aries, including my sun and moon, and “dynamic” being one of my favorite words, I think I am a fire person!!