A Little Paint Invites in New Feng Shui Energy

Front-Gate-Before-smallMy client in Arizona has a 3′ wall, a gate and a front door to get through before entering the house. Energy was having a hard time finding its way inside. In Feng Shui you want to beautify your front door and invite in the chi like a favorite guest. As the mouth of chi, this is where new energy enters the house. No new energy in the house can cause stagnation creating quarreling among family members.

Front-Gate-After-1024x768Look at this beautiful gate! A quick paint job on the front gate not only makes the entrance inviting, it also boosts the water energy of the career area of the home. My client loves her new door; she now parks in the garage and walks the few feet to the front door to enter her house. You’ll also notice she trimmed back some of the plants, revealing the lights on the gate wall. Lights are a great way to show energy where your front door is!