Feng Shui & The Power of Light

It’s a gloomy, rainy, dark Monday here in Denver and I am yearning for the sun to warm me up. Turning on the lights in the house makes me feel a little better and I can think more clearly.

The power of light in Feng Shui can expand your vision, help you see more clearly, illuminate an idea, a missing area in your bagua and/or a dark part of the home, which may also represent a dark part of your mind.

I suppose enlightenment does not have to be difficult. Just like turning on a light in a dark room, discovering something new about yourself can be as easy as flipping the switch. Haven’t you ever had one of those brilliant AH-HA moments where the whole world made sense!!?!? Me too. I love those moments. The light was ON and I just KNEW!!

And sometimes enlightenment can feel like a bear!! A couple of days ago I added an outdoor solar light to my Knowledge corner to cure a missing area. The Knowledge corner is all about knowing yourself deeply and profoundly so you can walk your life path and leave your unique mark behind.

The very next morning I had a long conversation with a friend during which I was quickly and painfully illuminated to issues I had no idea were happening. Issues I was totally in the dark about.

The following day I had a conversation with another friend and more illumination/information was revealed… this I sort of knew about what pretending it wasn’t happening… cause sometimes we want to be in the dark… ignorance is bliss right?

Have you ever heard the joke…

“How many Jewish grandmothers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

“Don’t bother, I’ll just sit in the dark!

I’m grateful for the illumination of how I am currently being perceived in the world, but man it sure isn’t easy. And now the self reflection comes to play and some self forgiveness and profound understanding.

If you are feeling in the dark about something, place a bright light in that area of the bagua and welcome in a gentle message from the Universe so you may heal the issue and become a more radiant you!!